2nd Nov 2009, 05:30

God, I must say that you really had a bad nightmare, & you have lots of patience to spend money on this car. But by the way, what you expect from the taxi drivers to keep their car in top condition. But some do keep it, but this one really took this car for a long hell drive.

I can proudly say that Daewoo Racer is one of the best cars manufactured by Daewoo. Some people even say this car is better than the Daewoo Cielo. Totally crazy about the Daewoo Cielo; its looks, its style, power, everything. As you will find out in the forums of Daewoo Racer that almost 90% of people say that Daewoo Racer is the best car they have owned.

By the way, all the best for you Daewoo Racer. Don't get on her as it had an overhaul, so don't try to go above 35 mph to get its performance scale higher & higher. Keep posting on regular intervals how your car is running.

20th Nov 2009, 02:56

I currently purchased a Daewoo Racer GTi 97. Had the start engine = idle problem as well, but what happened was the mechanic just cleaned out the oil that apparently dripped into the spark plug... and voila. Fixed.

I'm currently attacking the electrical right now. Have yet to test its top speed.

BTW, guys, do have links to my car's manual? Thanks and more power to Daewoo users.

14th Dec 2009, 15:36

I just want to share my experience on my Daewoo TX. I've owned it for almost 6 years now. Last August the engine suddenly went abnormal; it seems like losing power. It only accelerate up to 40 km/hr. I tried to cleaned its idle air sensor and fuel injection sensor, then it goes to back normal again. But after a month same problem occurred. My mechanic says that I try to replace the whole EFI system sensors (IAC, TPS, Fuel injector). But this will cost me much. Then I've learned from my co-worker that his Daewoo Racer car is already converted to carburetor and it runs smoothly. Pressurized fuel pump is also replaced with electronic pump type. Now my car EFI is now converted to carburetor and it's working OK until now with same power and speed. I've already tried it to run up to 115km/hr.

12th May 2010, 11:05

Read carefully guys!!! I have Daewoo Racer 1989 model, carburetor type and my transmission is 4 gears... this car is great and maintenance free; you need only is check up the engine oil and gear oil, that's it. My car is running until now... 140km/hr.

17th Sep 2010, 15:11

Hello, I am from Peru. I bought a 1989 1.6 OHC red color (tbi) Pontiac LeMans Coupe. I realized the all the mechanics are similar to General Motors cars. I use this car all days to go to my work and go back to home; the traffic in Lima is terrible, but this is a small sized car that can avoid the traffic.

It's a fast car; sometimes drive to 150km/h, but recently I think this car at 21 years and one day has begun to have problems with the sensor (AIC I guess), because it turned off many times at low speeds or on traffic lights. Sometimes I have to accelerate to keep it turned on. Reading the comments, I have an idea about what to do. Maybe replace all the sensors...

14th Jul 2011, 03:16

Thanks for the heads-up!!!

11th Nov 2011, 21:03

I own a 1995 Daewoo Racer ETI, and it still runs smoothly and quietly. I hired an expert and competent mechanic from the "casa" (it is closed now) where I bought it, and he is the only mechanic who maintains it. I tried to hire a different mechanic before, but the trouble seemed to multiply.

3rd Jan 2012, 17:59

Hi, just what to know the name and contact no. of the expert mechanic who maintains your Daewoo car. My contact no. is 09279732678. Thank you so much.

19th May 2012, 10:53

Where can I find a Daewoo shop in the Philippines? I want to repair my Daewoo Racer Etti. Several shops do not have some parts for the Daewoo. Kindly help me to find me one? Thanks.

12th Dec 2012, 18:26

Need help... I have a Daewoo Racer 1993 (SOHC). I am having a problem driving my car, as it keeps on losing power every time I shift gears. It's not accelerating the way it should, or I'd rather say it won't accelerate if I hold the pedal in one place. I have to hold the clutch, give full throttle and let the clutch out to move the car (something that we normally do for a burnout).. It seems to be a problem with the fuel flow. I had the fuel pump changed recently, but the problem is still there. What should I do?

7th Jan 2013, 03:22

GUYS... any contact # for Daewoo Racer parts in the Philippines?? I need a radiator fan motor. Thanks guys.

9th Jan 2013, 02:36

I have the same problem with my 1997 Daewoo Racer ETi. It started when I brought it one time to a repair shop because it had trouble starting. The mechanic said it might be because of inaccurate setting of the ignition coil timing, and he tinkered with it. He later found out that it was not the cause, but it was the Bendix drive of the starter that was faulty. I had the whole starter replaced, but the problem of the engine being unable to rev up while the clutch is engaged cropped up. I am trying to get an appointment with a Daewoo mechanic to have the setting of the timing checked properly.

15th Apr 2013, 06:22

Sir, where did you have your Daewoo converted into carburetor, and how much will it cost?

I have the same problem, and I've tried everything.

Hope you can contact me at 09237341979. Thanks in advance.

2nd May 2014, 22:14

Guys, I need your help! My GTI Racer headlight got busted. Where can I find a replacement? Even just surplus is fine.


21st Nov 2014, 04:54

I'm looking for a caliper piston for my Daewoo Cielo. They say Racer parts are compatible. I already combed Banaue for parts, but to no avail.

Here's my number 09228327789.

31st May 2015, 15:01

Hi guys. I'm from Malta and just bought a Daewoo Racer GTI 1994 model.

It's a good car overall, but I'm getting some trouble.

1. The petrol gauge is not working well, and when the petrol tank is half full, when I turn fuel comes out... and I've got some fuel smell from the back of the car.

2. The other problem is sometimes the car, when idle, the revs come up and down and play like that. Sometimes the car starts to turn off, and when it begins it keeps doing it...

Any help?

My email is clintciscaldi@gmail.com

Thanx guys :)))

14th Jul 2015, 09:24

My name is Kennedy From Kenya. I own a 1994 Daewoo Racer GTI. I had the same problem of leaking fuel when the tank is half full, plus the smell of fuel.

I later realized that there is a gasket sealing on the fuel pump, situated under the rear seat, which after changing it the problem ceased. The Daewoo Racer is very rare in Kenya, so I had to cut out my own gasket from a piece of rubber.

It is a good, comfortable and fast car! I love it...

My contact email is kariuki.kennedy.kk@gmail.com

26th Dec 2015, 06:40

Moral Lesson: think twice of getting an ex-taxi for a ride (Daewoo or any other model) - for obvious reasons. Oh BTW, I am not sure about Eti's, but I own a Daewoo Racer Gti and it's definitely NOT a loser. Fast, tough (body), and more importantly, saved my life as I am on this second one. A good companion for me and my family!

19th Sep 2016, 14:01

Hi, I have a Daewoo 1996 GTI, and the fault is the RPM is too high; when I start the engine, the RPM is instantly going to the 2K RPM. There I feel irritated driving my car. Can anyone please help me or suggest to me that what I can do?

9th Mar 2017, 19:27

Go to Google Pakistan and search for Daewoo Fan Club. You will find the answer to any question regarding the Daewoo Racer.

M. Yasin

11th Aug 2017, 12:53

My Daewoo Racer can't engage any gear while idling, but it engages when the engine is off... it seems that the clutch is not working properly. I tried to check the clutch booster; everything is working, I don't know inside the transmission, pressure plate, lining and release bearing... what do you think guys??? Please help me... it is still a good car...

8th Oct 2017, 11:06

Replace pressure plate, clutch lining, release bearing.

22nd Oct 2020, 17:24

The Daewoo Racer is the best. I've had a 93 model till 2020.