25th Apr 2001, 06:01

Dissapointed?? Nope! You'll love it!

£550 seems VERY VERY cheap though. It's probably got a major component about to/has broken at that price.

17th Dec 2001, 11:51

I have looked on the DP Motorsport website and it says that the rear shoes (brakes) are £6646, is this true? And how much are the front pads and discs as well? Any ideas. Cheers.

17th Jan 2002, 10:38

No way is that price right!

Try these for a price www.camskill.co.uk or there is a place in Derby I used when I had mine called Anglo Japanese, they are very helpful and can get most standard parts, but don't do tuning.

I'd advise you to have new bearings, don't use the old ones. Also the Charade GTti rear bearings are more expensive than the standard ones, but from my experience they're both the same. I used the standard ones and had no problems. Job lot for about £150 - £200 + fitting if not doing it yourself.

If you own one now, don't get rid, that was the biggest mistake I ever made, nothing I've had since is as much fun, such a wolf in sheep's clothing, great fun! Once my girlfriend sees the light, I will have another without hesitation.


26th Nov 2002, 05:46

Do you know much about the 1985 charade turbo.

22nd Jan 2003, 12:48

This is Grant in the Isle of man. A mate of mine had G880 PKK (the original ex-works GTti (as rallied by Terry Kaby) ) and let me use it for numerous rallies, sprints and hillclimbs. And it was ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING!!! What a car!!! I used to turn up to venues such as The Three Sisters circuit in Wigan only for the rest of the field to mock this 'little' car! After i'd finished my first timed run on the twisty little circuit (beating a FULL blown sierra cosworth, piloted by the guy who owned Turbo Technics!!),i had a lot of astounded fellas come over,"What on EARTH 'ave ya got in this thing?!!!?" I was gutted when we had to get rid of it, but funds took a nosedive. We used to only get about 500 miles out of a clutch, and 1000 or so out of the gearbox... they only ever made it in group N!!!

Anyway that's about it... just thought i'd let ya all know what a FANTASTIC little giant killer you've got and to say... KEEP IT!!!

15th Apr 2003, 14:37

Yep, great car. Great potential, and quite rare now.

I run the owner's club at www.gttioc.co.uk.

Grant, do you know where Terry Kaby's car is now, as I'd love to track it down?

My contact details are on the website if you have any luck.


29th Nov 2006, 16:32

Reading Grant's comments, I now own the works rally car. It should be ready and doing some of the shows such as rally day, and hope to be on the Daihatsu Charade GTti owners club stand for all the club's events.



7th Jan 2013, 14:35

... It's Grant again, just saw your post in the longest conversation in history! Well done on locating the car!