23rd Oct 2006, 18:38

I also own a 1997 Feroza. The whistling noise many people complain of is actually an exhaust blockage... most likely the catalytic converter. This blockage or partial blockage can also be muffler and also been known to occur in the exhaust manifold itself.



24th Oct 2006, 04:59

Hey I just bought one of the rare automatic ferozas and I love it... but as you said above the exact same thing are happening with mine... on average how much money and time did it cost to have the water pump replaced???


13th Feb 2007, 15:22

I too had the problem, it was the rear muffler, the standard factory muffler had collapsed internally and was obstructing air flow. hence the noise.

I replac3ed with a Lukey racing muffler, 21/2 inch pipe work, and a bullet resonator.

Awesome Sound and much more power, although you do get a few confused looks from other motorists as it does sound like a racecar.

11th Mar 2012, 17:59

The cracking noise could be your stoppers for the steering. That was the noise in my Feroza; just grease them up.

8th Aug 2012, 20:28

Try greasing the steering lock stops on the lower suspension arms; that should stop any creaking/cracking type noises.

21st Oct 2013, 20:07

Extractors. New pipe. Clean out cat converter. New high flow muffler. Solved and improved!

7th Sep 2015, 16:19

Hi, I'm a Feroza owner also from Portugal, and I also had that noise when I turn left or whenever the back suspension was compressed (bump on the road). I did a full lubrication on the steering and transmission components, but the noise was still there. One day, when I was entering the car, I put my foot on the side step, and there was the same noise! The car was stopped. I jumped on the step, and no more noise. Lifted the car and the side step supports are screwed to the chassis supports. The rubber was so dry that whenever the chassis had to articulate, the rubber didn't give away enough. I sprayed some WD40 on the chassis rubbers and go for a test on road. Apparently no noise!!! I went for a more hardcore test off road, full lock and still no noise. IT'S BRAND AS NEW!