2000 Daihatsu Sirion Plus 1.0 from UK and Ireland


The unknown gem


Surprisingly reliable.

The radio speakers in the front don't seem to work. The previous owner had changed the radio, and in the process I think may have done some damage here. I replaced the radio myself, and the back speakers are now consistent and ample for the whole cabin.

I replaced a bulb once, but that's to be expected.

Nothing else went wrong at all.

General Comments:

Delightful car. I thought I was getting a bargain basement car, but I was wrong. I got a pleasant surprise instead.


1: Electric windows (all four).

2: Central locking.

3: Electric wing mirrors (I found after purchase to my surprise).

4. Cabin button to open boot/trunk.

5. Cabin button to open petrol tank cap.

6. Extra glove box under the steering wheel.

The dash has a high spec polished leather finish that compares to my father's Ford Focus (1999).

For a one litre car, there is more than ample room in the cabin.

Very good on fuel, handling and performance. (I'm mainly driving in the city and occasionally on motorways).

Bodywork in very nice. As a friend said to me after my purchase, 'It looks retro, and retro is in again'. This retro look is thanks to the chrome finish on the front and the sides. Who would have thought of putting chrome on a one litre? But it works.

Moreover, the body work is strong and durable as well.

All in all, for such a price, this is an amazing find. There's not too many out there, but if you spot one, have a second look, maybe even treat yourself.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2010

2nd Sep 2012, 03:17

Did you remove the stereo in this car? If so, how?

12th Jul 2015, 07:48

Hi, I know this is probably a silly question, but where abouts is the fuel cap release bottom in the cabin? Been searching for it and cannot seem to find it! Thanks :)

15th Jul 2015, 03:50

Next to the handbrake.

6th Oct 2015, 15:55

It's the same lever that opens the tailgate; you just have to push it down, not to pull it up (pulling it up opens the tailgate, pushing it down opens the petrol flap).

2000 Daihatsu Sirion GTvi 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


I loved my car


Airbags never went off in accident.

General Comments:

I had an accident recently and I was hit from side on which caused my car to be rolled.

I was very shocked to find that neither of my airbags went off.

I loved my car, that was the only disappointment.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004

28th Oct 2004, 22:51

This car makes cranky noises in low gear. It fits even more than 6 passengers (probably because people in my family are very thin) It makes fast acceleration at high gears. I once entered this car in a raly race and came first! Thanks to the acceleration. Daihatsu Sirion is well performanced.

22nd Sep 2012, 13:46

If you only have front airbags, it is normal to have them not deploy during a side accident. Even in a car that has side airbags, the front airbags will not deploy during a side collision.

2000 Daihatsu Sirion GTvi 1.3L from Australia and New Zealand


A well priced, quality small PERFORMANCE car


The car has failed to start on the first go about 4 times since I've had it. Not a big deal, but worrying since it is a new car. Otherwise it fires up quickly without any fuss.

Gearbox is starting to get a little noisy when running (This is probably because I drive it fairly hard).

Second to third gear aggressive change makes a noise like a gear crunch (but again due to driving style I guess)

Buzzing noise in the cabin... (I have a noisy sports exhaust system so this could be the cause)

General Comments:

The Sirion GTvi is a bargain pocket rocket!!! In stock mine did 0-100km/hr in 9.1 seconds and it only cost $17,500 AUS. That's enough to beat a hell of a lot of under 2L cars.

Have modified with a 2 inch cat back system with Hi-Tech Bazooka muffler, and a JR Air Filter (pod style). After installing exhaust system: 0 - 100 dropped to 9.0 seconds. After air filter mod, 0 - 100 dropped to 8.6 seconds.

Handling isn't great. Heavy understeer when cornering hard. The understeer seems to come suddenly though. You enter a corner too quick and you "feel" that the car will be forgiving, but the next second, you will see yourself inches from the next light pole!!! A set of 195/50's on 15 inch rims and a rear swaybar should improve this. Mine came with crappy 165/65R14's with no rear swaybar.

Comfort is reasonable for a cheap small car. Typical japanese car feel (not a bad thing)

Adjustable seat and steering height would be nice.

Seats are quite supportive but maybe a bit high.

Gauges and switches are all fairly ergonomically placed.

Sound system is decent (comes with a Kenwood CD deck).

Very fuel efficient even with modifications. Max of about 8L/100km with lead foot driving!!!

Insurance is quite cheap at the moment - but when they figure out that the car is actually a giant beating pocket rocket like the Swift GTi, then they will surely jack up the price.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2001

31st Oct 2001, 22:23

I'd have to agree. Have a stock GTVi and I love to take on the Commodores out of the toll booths on the M4. Way too much fun.

7th Feb 2002, 04:07

I own a Gtvi as well... How did you manage to put a pod filter on to it? Several places I went to told me that it's impossible to fit one on without heavily modifying the airbox assembly?

2000 Daihatsu Sirion F-speed 1.3 from UK and Ireland


A very cheap performance car which is also chic


No known faults yet, since it's first service is at 12,500 miles.

General Comments:

This car is enormous fun to drive using its F1 buttons for gear changes.

It is safe and comfortable on the motorway, and at speed.

In town and whilst driving slow, it does not feel very comfortable.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2001

9th May 2002, 14:49

Had my F-Speed since March 2001, and have done 22000 miles.

The engine is very responsive, but I am not too keen on the gearbox in full automatic mode (I don't bother with the "manual" buttons). The electronics can be too easily fooled if you have to ease off for a fraction of a second when accelerating hard. The gearbox will immediately change up to e.g. 4th, and take nearly 3 seconds to change back down to 2nd or 3rd when pushing hard on the accelerator again. A similar effect can be obtained at slower speeds (e.g. entering and exiting roundabouts), but here, on occasion, the gearbox will slam into the lower gear (1st or 2nd) after the short change-up to 3rd.

I don't remember these problems occurring to any degree with other cars with mechanical automatic gearboxes.

That being said, 2nd gear is fantastic, and will easily pull from 10 to 70 mph.

Petrol consumption is very good, and the insurance rating is amazing low for such a nippy car.