3rd Sep 2002, 18:26

I just bought a new Face-Lifted version of the GTvi and I have to say they are a brilliant little car, good acceleration if you keep them on the boil. nice exhaust note in higher revs.

All in all great car!

22nd Sep 2002, 01:09

I too own a GTVi, although happy with everyday performance I am seriously considering a low pressure turbo conversion to aid low rpm torque. Handling is not great, but still fairly predictable. Slight lowering and thicker sway bars combined with wider tyres should be a big improvement. Minor complaints include car's intermittent refusal to start when cold (possibly imobiliser), and weak clutch (it started slipping at less than 10,000 klms. But overall, a great car with a ton of potential...!

21st Oct 2002, 22:04

We too previously owned a Suzuki Swift Gti; even though it is seven years since we sold it, after seven years driving, I still entertain the idea of buying another.

As for the Sirion GTVi we certainly like it. The Swift Gti's low down power (or was that low gearing) and lower stance gave it the edge.

We purchased our Daihatsu as a demonstrator and have done 16000 km averaging 6.3l/100km (that's 44.5 mpg in old speak), which has got to be good given its abilities at the traffic lights.

We haven't had any problems at all, ours is a New Zealand car hence no immobiliser.

2nd May 2005, 02:50

I purchased my second hand 2001 GTvi a few years back and have not regretted it at all! It only had 47,000kms on it when I bought it, and it seems that the previous owner was as fussy as I am... which is a good thing.

As well as all the standard equipment, mine has had an electric sunroof fitted as well as all of the possible plastic protectors, custom floor mats, and other accesories.

It also has 15" rims, and I am presently running 195 tyres. Compared to others that I have driven, this really improves the handling!

Apart from this, I haven't changed anything else. Still got the stock exhaust system which performs very well, and I don't plan on doing too much else. Maybe just upgrade the stereo a little, but still keep the standard deck.

The only problem I have just experienced at 100,000kms is to do with the clutch. A bearing just shattered causing the entire assembly to collapse... not a cheap exercise as to replace the clutch and fix things to do with the transmission, the entire engine needs to be removed, as well as the front bumper etc. Cost me over $1200. ouch

It wasnt as a result of abuse, just a weak part I have been informed.

Still, regardless of that problem, I still love my car, and plan on keeping it for a long time. Although I drive it every day, I still enjoy doing so, and have never gotten bored of owning this unique little car!

21st May 2005, 23:11

I too own a GTVi. Manual 2000 model. I bought it 8 months ago with 20000kms on it and I have now done 45000kms. I have not had any reliability problems with it what so ever. The only problems I find with the car revolves around the handling. From factory I agree that the car is undertyred sitting on 165's. I found this out the hard way when I took my car to eastern creek and peeled a tyre off a rim coming around the hairpin. A rear sway bar certainly wouldn't go astray either. The brakes car only be described as desperate. Considering they only have to pull up 850kgs they are disappointing. The best fuel figures I have extracted have been 4.6L per 100km on a trip from Sydney to Canberra. One day I put some octane booster in for the same trip and managed to get 4.2L per 100km. I always run 98 octane fuel in mine which also aids fuel consumption. Overall I have enjoyed owning the car and I hope it lasts a while. It's sad that Daihatsu Australia will be leaving soon and it's also sad that they didn't bring out a GTVi version of the new sirion. I can recommend this car to anyone who wants to have a little fun, but wants to keep fuel costs down. Second hand these cars can be great buys too providing they haven't been thrashed. Like any Daihatsu, if serviced at the correct intervals you should be able to see 300000kms on the speedo without any major mechanical failures.

6th Sep 2006, 03:11

I'm in South Africa, and I have a White 2004 CX, which is the same spec and engine as the GTVi. It is the Legend, I love it to bits!!

Over here, trying to get parts is like trying to find gold under your house. Nevertheless, I have managed to do some mods; it's got a 50mm straight through pipe with a Japanese style can. I've done a custom cone filter, adds a nice growl, but the problem is that the filter sits behind the radiator, sucking up hot air!

ECU wise it's got a Perfect Power SMT6. I honestly I think it was a waste of money. I only picked up about 2kw and 7nm!!!

Problems with the Sirion are the gearbox. It feels weak when pushed, especially changing from 2nd to 3rd.

The brakes are rubbish, terrible shudder, and they fade so easily when given a little bit of stick! I think the solution is Black Diamond discs and pads, but that is quite costly!

Handling is reasonable, first mod that should be done is putting a set of 195-45-15's, this helps safety and performance! I'm in the process of getting Spax springs and KYB Gas shocks, should tighten things up nicely!

As for styling and other mods go to www.dsport-web.com (use Google translator if you can't speak Japanese!) and finally if you want to turbo the car using only bolt on stuff, get your hands on a YRV turbo engine, it is a K3-VET, the Sirion's is a K3-VE, so just drop the compression and add the plumbing!!

Anyways, if you wanna get hold of me for any questions, drop me a line at racerman@iafrica.com


16th Nov 2006, 00:05

I own a Sirion GTVi year 2000 model. At odometer reading, 84,035 km, the clutch started to slip. The following appeared on the repair list:disconnect all associated components; remove engine transmission & engine cradle from car; remove gearbox, clutch & flywheel; machine flywheel, supply and fit new Exedy clutch kit; send gearbox for repair (Strip gearbox, clean and inspect, replace front bearing and front seal and reassemble) ; refit gearbox and refit engine and transmission to car; refill gearbox with new oil; regas airconditioning and top up cooling system; road test.

The total repair cost came to Aus$1,215. After the repairs, at approx. 87000km on the odometer, the clutch started to slip again. The car has always been driven carefully and never raced. The workshop that did the repairs, tested the vehicle and confirmed that the clutch is slipping. The fault causing the clutch to slip is still there. The engine will have to be dropped again to find the source of the fault. Initially, it was presumed the clutch slippage was brought about by oil leaking through the front bearing of the gearbox.

Does anyone out there having similar experience with their GTVi, please tell me how they solve this problem? I hope someone in Daihatsu Japan or anywhere reading this can help shed some light into my predicament. I would still like to keep the Sirion GTVi as it was an excellent car to drive when everything was working fine.