8th Jan 2007, 14:51


Please...! could be

Anything tell me where I can obtain the Factory manual repair for a Daithatsu Sirion (year 2000)??

Thanks for any help.

Mail: fernando_1@hotmail.com.

27th Jun 2007, 08:29


Also from South - Africa. I would like to know if the Daihatsu

YRV Turbo engine will fit into a 2006 Daihatsu Sirion.

Would like to give my Sirion more power by turbocharging it.

Will it work, I wonder.

9th Jul 2007, 12:47

The K3-VET will fit, no problem, but my only concern is whether the ECU can handle it? Or will you need a piggy back or aftermarket management... I am going to fit the K3-VET into a 2000 Sirion... I'll update here as I go along.

By the way, from Cape Town South Africa... which town are the other SA guys from?

4th Sep 2007, 02:53

HI guys.

I wrote in earlier (2nd May 2005)

I still have my little beauty of a GTVi and love it! Now have over 176,000kms, but still looks new...

I have now added 16 x 6 Speedy rims and tyres. This has helped the handling very much. (and looks too)

I am having one problem though, and hope someone can kindly help out???

I need to replace the shocks, and thought I would do the springs etc at the same time. However in australia I cannot seem to find ANY manufacturer or supplier of shocks to fit!! Some brands do the rears, but not the fronts...

I noticed that some of you have replaced shocks, and I noticed that KYB was mentioned, but they now say that they do not do shocks for the GTVi... I am confused and not sure what to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am in Sydney Australia.


30th Sep 2007, 07:18


I'm also looking to upgrade the shocks. KYB only has rear shock absorbers available in Australia. The guy from Capital Steering in Canberra is looking to source front shocks from Japan. Pedders has rears only as well.

Which model of Speedy wheels did you get, and what brand and profile of tyre?

12th Oct 2007, 04:15


It's me again with the GTVi 2000. I have now sourced all the info re shocks, etc.

I have purchased and fitted genuine shocks both front and rear, and also fitted King springs which are 40mm lower than standard (it looks good too, without attracting too much attention).

All I can say is: DO IT!!! It makes such a difference to the car! It is like brand new again, only better.

So, genuine Daihatsu front and rear shocks, along with King springs makes this an even better car!

Oh, and the Speedy wheels I have fitted are 16" Longchamps.

Would love to upload a picture if I knew how??...

18th Jan 2008, 07:50


I am from Sydney and have a 2004 GTVI with 32000kms

15inch wheels and a pod filter

I read that Yaris parts may fit I am going to try a Yaris rear sway bar

Will let you all know.

At 8000rpm noone can hear you scream.

21st Jan 2008, 04:49

Hi Guys.

I have written in a few times now about my 2000 GTVi which I have had since 47000kms etc... I'm the guy who went on about improving the handling by fitting lower stiffer springs, 16's, etc...

WELL...big news (for me anyway) Just when I got the car at the point where it could not be any better... (you know what I mean) A STUPID TRUCK SMASHED ME from behind...

Yes I am not happy... My baby got written off!!!

So... (is this a bit sad or what) I went out and bought another one!)

I picked up a 2003 facelifted model with only 50,000kms on it, and of course have now fitted it up with the best in King Springs, ROH 16's, and all the sound system stuff I could ever want...

So although I miss my other one a lot, this new baby is great too!

It must be true then. To those who know their GTVi's, they are seriously fun and reliable cars. Why else would we keep coming back for more?

Will keep you posted about any new improvements.

18th Feb 2008, 04:09

Does anybody know where on earth to add gearbox oil to the Sirion gearbox???


3rd Feb 2010, 19:06

Hey guys, got a Daihatsu Sirion GTVi 2000 and want to change the air box to a pod filter, but there's a plug connected to the air box. What is that plug for, and how would I change over to the pod filter? Please help.

18th Jun 2011, 22:26

Hi ppl.

I have a 2000 Sirion GtVi (fwd-na), and want to get the 4track (Storia X4/rally4 = AWD) and the k3vet (sneeze) wooohoooo!!!

Not sure what mods have to be done???

But want to keep my manual box, think I'll go aftermarket ECU, because the vet box is auto (pffffft).

I've found the Terios 4wd (4track, it runs a k3ve, but it's north/south, can I use it???)

I'd also like to keep my aircon, but I think I'll need to get a skinnier condenser, because the turbo will almost meet the grille.

I will also be getting a replacement water to air intercooler, so I can leave my stock bonnet alone.

Should I get a thicker radiator?

I've had an earthing kit done (for the big Alpine system), which gave me more torque power, though I haven't run her on a dyno yet.

I also opened the stock exhaust from 2" to 2-1/4" (snapped stock in a weld), which also added to the power! Will that be big enough for the vet???

I'd like to get a half cut YRV turbo, but I'd like to find the AWD gear 1st. I'm wondering if the YRV Turbo AWD (if I find one) will bolt up to the Sirion/Storia X4???

Apparently I don't have to re-build the manual box until I'm getting 300hp, but I don't think the stock box will handle the extra power???

I found a front LSD carbon bonnet and racing clutch from Dsport, also King springs, Whitline and KYB shocks, but I can't find much else, can anyone help???

I don't know to much about turbo's, but I'd like some advice???

18th Jun 2011, 23:43

Hi ppl.

I forgot to add a contact for my last comment, get me on jub369@hotmail.com.

Vaaaarrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wooooosssssshhhhh!!!


9th Jul 2012, 09:45

Hey mate, I also own a 2000 Sirion, and I'm looking to do the same conversion. Could you let me know how it goes, and what you had to do to make it happen, e.g. custom mounts/brackets/gear box/ price, as I have no idea what I'm looking looking at.


Would be much appreciated.

25th Jun 2014, 08:02

Anyone had any issues with noisy 1st gear in the GTVi's?

Mine is noisy and has been for the last 20,000Km, and yes I also have clutch shudder, but no slippage yet. But overall it's a frigging bulletproof Daihatsu hatch; cheap cars, good quality.