1st Nov 2005, 17:27

I have a 1972 Fairlady Z Right Hand drive. I have owned this particular Z for 18 years. I have owned 4 Z cars and this has been the most fun of all. Glad to hear that there are other Z car enthusiast and being a female. Cool.

Hope you have as much fun in that little ball of fire as I have!

The Z Meister

Mesquite, Texas.

14th Jan 2006, 22:18

36 years back, I bought a 240Z new, sight unseen. I ran it Solo II for 6 years, beat the He** out of it. I modified it fairly extensively with short springs, quick steering, heavier front sway bar, added a rear sway bar, heavy oil in the MacPhersons, 3/4 race cam, put on triple Mikuni Solex carbs to replace the puny SUs, wider wheels and wider tires, competition brakes, front spoiler, headers w/dual exhausts. I never met a 'Vette I couldn't take through second gear and finished second to a Ferrari in the SCCA's 1972 Southwest Div. Solo II run-offs. 0 - 60 in less than 6, topped out at a bit under 135. I never had the car on a dyno, but guess it put out something over 250 hp. Sold it in '77 to a buddy, with the right of first refusal. Hadn't heard from the guy in nearly 30 years, but on 23 Dec 05, he called. He still has it. Sent me snaps. He hasn't changed anything. The car still has the goofy SCCA sticker in the back window, the same wheels, door ding, and, he says, the same tires. Total miles are 63,000. And no, he hasn't said he wants to sell it... durn it. I'd take it back in a heartbeat.

Frank, near Houston.

24th Apr 2012, 10:30

I have a 69 Nissan Patrol L-60. Is the 6 cylinder in it the same as in the 240Z? I need parts. Thanks.


26th Apr 2012, 21:29

I bought a 72 240 Z about a year ago. It was in fairly good shape, but did need tires, suspension and brake work. After a few harrowing experiences, it has become a daily driver. I love it! Heads turn as the persimmon-colored machine snarls past them. I've had RX 7's, 924's, MG's and Corvettes, but this beats them all. I'm in love! Even my wife loves it, and that is saying a lot. Very satisfied!!!