1978 Datsun 280Z 2.4 EFI 6 cylinder from North America


Best car deal I ever made!


Car had been sitting for over four years. Gas tank had to be replaced.

When purchased, one rocker was loose and needed adjustment.

Right rear brake was locked.

Replaced cold start valve.

General Comments:

After the above repairs, and a little TLC, the car ran like new! It needed paint, but no body work and the interior was good except for a small crack in the dash.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2004

2nd Sep 2013, 00:52

Wanted one since 1969 when it was only available in Japan. Finally got one in 1985, and my 1978 280Z (dated Dec 1977) is still in my garage after 28 years.

It now has 162,000 km. This car came from Toronto, I am the second owner.

1) Replaced slave cylinder.

2) No engine work except spark plugs & wires, one coil.

3) Replaced air flow meter at 50,000 km.

4) Replaced black box around 120,000 km.

5) Replaced master cylinder; clutch cylinder & brake booster.

6) A/C is all original & never needed R12

Not the best shifter, the 5-speed is good for +26 MPG (converted from Km); in 5th it whines.

I have to turn the radio volume all the way up at highway speeds.

The wind shield has a layer of "oil" like substance when it gets humid. Front wind shield defrost cannot be used with the A/C on.

I only drive it in summer... the body is in "good" shape; interior is all OEM, the rear deck carpet color is fading from black to slight brownish orange. I loved this car then, and I love it now. Someone will give me a "thumb-up" every time I take her out for a ride.

My 280Z will be with me until I die. :)

2nd Sep 2013, 07:49

I had a couple; the last in 82. A car to move up to is a Corvette C5. More power and great handling.