7th May 2009, 23:56

I had a 81' 310 GX. She was "Root Beer Brown". Let's see, where do I begin?

First day I bought it, I got pulled over on a canyon road, by an LA Cop. He said "I thought you needed BMW or Porsche to do those speeds through the turns!" He then laughed whole heartedly and told me to "Carry On". I drove that car like a nut, always tacking her out, and testing the limits of the little 67 hp engine/ 5 speed combo. We used to take the car out into the foot hills and rally the living hell out of it. Barreling down steep dirt roads and jumping over the tops of the hills. Besides blowing the head gasket one time I never had to repair anything. Day in and day out I abused that little car and had a great time doing it.

Eventually my spirited driving caught up with me, and I flipped her off a cliff. (My luck had simply ran out: Fog and road debris had combined to vex me. I wasn't driving the car very hard on this occasion but I still got stuck in a sticky situation, road conditions change quickly in the mountains). The little brown car flipped about 20 times down a (Officially Measured) 650 near vertical foot cliff. She came to rest in a creek bed. Upside down with the tail-end facing the road. I crawled out, picked a small bit of fragmented safety glass out of my left shoulder, stretched looked over my car. She looked like a wrinkled raisin, and most of the interior had flown out during the flipping. So I gave her a loving kick and made the 10 minute hike back up to the road. I believe to this day that if I had been in any other car, I would have died. That little Datsun was amazingly safe while flipping over the Rock, Ice and Snow. I owe my life to that car and have all the respect in the world for it.

After wrecking my 310 GX I picked up a 1968 firebird 400 also one hell of a car. My brother is the proud owner of my Bird now. I often recount the tail of my terrifying crash in my 310 GX to friends and family. It's my "Brush with Death" story. Honestly I my 310 a lot very underrated car. BTW I just bought a 1974 Datsun 260z! I'm back with a hundred more horses! Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh!

9th Apr 2010, 09:30

My bought my 1981 310 GX from my father when I first got my license in H.S. The car was white over blue interior with a 4-speed. Amazing car.

I painted the rims black and added a cherry bomb exhaust with a chrome 2 1/2" tip. This mod was installed in 1990 before all of the tuners started putting silly 6" exhausts on 4 bangers! I should have started fabricating them as I'd be rich!

I also loved the remote operated rear windows, and the selector between the seats that simply stated OPEN and SHUT.

I will forever miss my 310, and the flame it would emit out the exhaust between shifts, lighting up the road behind me at night.

After I blew out first gear attempting to race a 5.0 Mustang from a stop light, I sold it for something faster.

The only issues I had were glazed front rotors from braking too hard on back roads, and a shuttering clutch when hot from stop and go traffic.

The brake issue was solved by jacking up the car on stands, removing the wheels and letting the car idle in second gear while applying sandpaper on a wood block to the rotor and then de-glazing the pads.

My first true Nissan "race car". A baseline for the GT-R? Okay, no, but truly a fun car to own.

3rd Oct 2010, 12:50

I’m an owner of a blue 1980 Nissan Datsun 310 GX. I bought it from my neighbor, the original owner, two years ago for $800. The car was running good, and I have it parked in my garage. As a retired jet engine mechanic from the Air Force and an auto mechanic as well, I am able to do mechanical work on this car. Therefore, I set about making a complete overhaul of the engine. I took out the engine and disassembled it up to the last bolt. Ever since then, I have been reconstructing it from scratch. I have even painted every single part, including the bolts. My plans are to finish it, enjoy it for a while and later sell it. This is the best car I have had in my life: economical, reliable and easy to fix.

Richard Adams

Bayamon, Puerto Rico


27th Mar 2011, 22:21

I owned one of these jewels back in the 80s. Unfortunately I totaled it in 1986. I so miss that car, but I thought I was the only one who remembered the clutch change process. Remove the inspection plate pull out (I believe it was the starter) and remove the clutch pack and install in reverse.

23rd Aug 2011, 13:45

I am seeking a receiver drier and an speedodometer instrument cluster for my 1980 310gx. I don't know if the 1981 will work or even have a receiver drier. Please send me an email at lwharris@ymail.com if you have those items available.



14th Sep 2011, 00:09

Hey, my boyfriend is thinking about buying a 1979 Datsun GX. I know a little about the engine, but not enough to tell him if it's good or not. What do you think about this car in general? Is it worth $950 or not? And is it worth trying to fix for an every day car?

3rd Dec 2011, 11:49

I am looking for some parts for my 1981 310gx coupe. Any help in doing so would be greatly appreciated. If you have one you're parting out, or know of someone else who is, please contact me.



28th Jan 2013, 14:50

If you are ever interested in selling this car, I would love the chance to purchase it from you.

Thompson Smith, 503-970-7560

29th Jan 2013, 07:48

I rolled another small car back in that time frame. A 1973 Gremlin X with a factory V8 304 and manual trans. I had just a small scratch. The car was not totalled and repaired! We also had a Datsun 210 Beige 2 door with a 4 speed. Very reliable. It didn't even have carpet; pretty basic.