1986 Dodge 600 ES 2.2 turbo from North America


Very reliable once the 33 years of problems are fixed


Plenty, it is 33 years old, but nothing wrong with the transmission or drivetrain.

Engine and turbocharger were rebuilt.

1. Engine computer had to be replaced with one from a New Yorker in a Colorado junkyard.

2. Alternator had to be replaced.

3. Wiper assembly detached. Needs to be reassembled.

4. Heater core is blocked.

5. The vinyl seats are falling apart.

6. The window trim is falling apart.

7. Too many other small annoying things to list, but I am making progress.

General Comments:

My best ride ever for $300 dollars. It has gotten me from point A to point B reliably for the last 10,000 miles. I am still working on all the little things to make it restored. It is a classic car, and a CONVERTIBLE, one of 4,700 ES convertibles made.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2018

28th Sep 2019, 08:24

The car is getting better with age, as of 09/28/2019, the car now has 132,000 miles, of which I put on 26,000. I replaced the front seats with some from a junkyard. Oil leaks have gotten worse, so I reported this mechanic to BAR.

1986 Dodge 600 Convertible 2.2L from North America


A pain in the neck with all the little problems, but this car is too lovable to get rid of


Anything that is plastic/rubber is broken. Weather strips are cracked and shot. Any hoses that are rubber have cracked/broke.

Electrics are temper-=mental (example: sometimes blinkers don't work, back-up lights sometimes don't work, etc.).

I've had 6 different problems with coolant leaking.

Doesn't drive as well in the cold/snow.

Cannot park this car on a hill, or else the transmission gets stuck (you can start the car, but you are not getting out of park).

Paint is old, some rust spots.

General Comments:

Car drives fantastic when it's over 65 degrees out. When it's colder than that it drives a little worse, not bad, but it is just not the same.

It's a convertible!

Things you would not think would work, do. Like the cigarette lighter, convertible/window motor, air conditioner/heater, and defrosters all work perfectly.

Pretty good gas mileage.

Interior is in perfect shape, and it is beautiful. Plus the front seats are insanely comfy. The back seats are also comfy however they don't have that much room to move around.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2008

1986 Dodge 600 Convertible 2.2L 4-cylinder from North America


Built for the long haul


Tear in vinyl roof expanded from being a cosmetic issue into a gash that needed repair. Duct tape worked surprisingly well at keeping the rain out.

Both front fenders were dented, but didn't affect anything mechanically.

Speakers were installed improperly.

A/C was slowly failing.

All 4 tires were worn bare and needed to be replaced due to the safety risk.

The motor that raised the roof was broken and had been disassembled. I let that one go, as I was strong enough to raise it myself.

Paint was faded.

Weatherstripping was cracked and falling off in places.

Slight misfire at idle.

One headlight burned out.

E-brake kept sticking.

General Comments:

I was able to get it cheap, so I took a chance on whether it would stay running. I lost this time, as the transmission went bad a month after I bought it. Other than that, I was surprised by the car's performance.

It had more pep than I expected from a car that was as old as me. It has good enough acceleration to pass other cars at highway speeds. Just take it easy going uphill.

Fuel economy was nothing to brag about, but for a car from that year, 21 mpg overall is decent.

The engine refused to break under any circumstances. No matter how hard it was pushed, everything else would have had to break first before it could fail.

Handling was amazing, especially with 4 brand new tires.

Driver's seat remained comfortable throughout a 2-hour trip. The back seat, on the other hand, was better used as cargo space.

The trunk was roomier than what I expected to get with a convertible.

The A/C, while weak, was still functional after all those years.

I loved this car for the short time I had it. Had the transmission remained intact, I would've partially restored it and kept on driving it.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2007

4th May 2010, 00:05

I used to have an '85 model of this same car; turbo-equipped and silver with a black top. I got it with 40,000 miles on it and traded it in with 130,000. It was a solid car overall; I really enjoyed mine!

The Mitsubishi-designed engine was quite solid -- with the turbo it will run hotter than a normally-aspirated engine. Yet mine overheated twice and still didn't blow a head gasket, even though it had aluminum heads on a cast-iron block.

I agree the paint and finish quality were substandard though; and the convertible top will eventually rot and crack if it stays outside, even if you Armor-all it regularly. When I finally traded mine in, it looked like the kind of car that would be driven by an unsuccessful check forger!