24th Nov 2017, 19:14

"I've owned 5k cars since that one,"

Please tell me that this was a typo. I would also like to wish the owner of the reviewed car good luck, as the safety features on this car are negligible.

25th Nov 2017, 05:19

Yes that should be a capital K.

These cars do not have air bags or antilock brakes. They do have a lower center of gravity than many more modern vehicles, and are harder to roll over than many SUVs or crossovers. They track straight in a panic stop, won't easily lose traction to the drive wheels due to the weight distribution of front wheel drive. You can see out of all of the windows and use the mirrors, so a backup camera isn't usually necessary.

Be aware that the posted speed limit is the maximum safe speed for ideal driving conditions; adjust your speed lower and increase your following distance if visibility or traction conditions are less than ideal. And a tentative driver is your most important safety feature.

When you buy a car at its scrap value, you don't usually expect much and are happy with what you have.

25th Nov 2017, 16:58

I had a coworker that had the option of having a company provided car or buy his own with a nice car allowance. He bought this model new. He kept it til 160,000 miles and claimed he made money off his car allowance. Of course it’s years later and the comment is just one in passing from that time. I never used any of my personal cars for an allowance. Pick a trouble prone new car however and it could go the other direction.

25th Nov 2017, 17:09

A rusted out K-car definitely has "rat" potential.

Not so much the "rod" part, though.

26th Nov 2017, 14:13

You can’t change the terminology. It would be the most cost effective to part it out. Second to the scrap yard. Lastly go to the Rat Rod route. My opinion.

26th Nov 2017, 21:58

Part it out? How much would the stop sign be worth?

In your opinion.

23rd Nov 2020, 12:34

Somewhere in a salvage yard rests an '88 Dodge Aries.

With a stop sign for a floor ;(

24th Nov 2020, 00:50

Oh well... So much for turning the car into a rat rod like the other comment suggested.

28th Nov 2020, 20:59

Instead of a rat rod, it ended up a rat crib.