7th Aug 2020, 15:16

Good for you for keeping the car for as long as you have. I myself am now approaching the 25 year mark on my old Toyota truck. I'm sure the auto industry doesn't really like people like us who just keep on driving the same cars for decades on end.

12th Jan 2021, 10:02

Thank you very much, I appreciate that. Update, car as of Jan 12th, 2021, seems to be improving and getting power back, but still misfires randomly at times. I drove a passenger who slammed my passenger door and the mirror popped out. Now I got to get a new one.

13th Oct 2021, 17:40

Not sure if this car will ever be reliable again, because it is so old, but I just had to replace the cylinder head, which I did. The head wore out and the car was beginning to have a delay in oil pressure whenever I would cold start it. It seems to be a lot better now. Still runs too lean sometimes.

16th Oct 2021, 22:14

Wait a minute. Aren't you "Mr. Columbo" in this video?


19th Oct 2021, 16:58

Have you considered getting a few donor cars to scavenge for parts? Maybe you could find one with the same engine and overhaul its drivetrain while continuing to drive your existing car. These things are still out there and dirt cheap since they made so many of them. I had a friend who did the same thing. He had a 1974 Cadillac Eldorado with an engine that burned tons of oil. He located another Eldorado that had a ruined interior and rotted body, but a engine that was in good shape. He simply swapped the engines and it's been running great ever since.

20th Oct 2021, 12:24

So now instead of burning tons of oil, it just burns tons of gas?

20th Oct 2021, 20:53

It always burns tons of gas. Oil, or no oil.

20th Oct 2021, 21:11

Probably, but then again any Eldorado with the 500 CI V8 wasn't intended to get good fuel economy.