13th Jul 2011, 17:26

After 11 years of flawless service from a Dodge Neon, a handicapped friend of mine just traded for a new Avenger. He requires a very reliable and trouble-free vehicle, so he chose another Dodge. His first car was a Japanese import, which proved to be a never-ending nightmare of repairs. I have owned three Dodges and one Plymouth, and have found all of them to be incredibly reliable. The new ones are some of the best yet.

14th Jul 2011, 20:39

I don't understand this comment, ha ha ha. Last time I checked, all cars were built on Earth. Check any issues of Consumer Reports, and they recommend many vehicles from Ford, Toyota, Honda and a few from GM. Chrysler has a grand total of one in their entire lineup. Ha Ha, I won't say what car I drive, but I do have one. It's incredibly reliable, and it is most definitely NOT a Fiat/Chrysler.

23rd Aug 2011, 16:16

All these people commenting on this review are living in a dream world. Chrysler products were the kings of performance, and styling back in the day. And the most reliable. The slant 6 was probably the best motor ever made. And now their styling is far superior to any other car maker. So keep driving your imports people. I'll stick with Mopar.

16th Nov 2011, 08:52

I have a 2000 Intrepid with the 2.7 engine, and I am closing in on 400,000 kilometers with no problems besides routine maintenance. It doesn't even use oil between changes. The key word there is "maintenance". Without it, any car will not last long. I also have a 1990 Caravan, with close to 300,000 km. Again, no problems, and neither car has ever left me stranded. Why are you afraid to admit what kind of car you have?

31st Dec 2011, 23:02

"The key word there is "maintenance". Without it, any car will not last long."

A LOT of people neglect their cars and then wonder why they have problems...

29th Nov 2012, 11:19

There is no such thing as no-maintenance cars that people prefer. To have one is to accept responsibility to ensure it runs well. Take good care of it and it'll take good care of you. Simple. If the car has problems, it's one of at least two things.

First, if the owner ignored the recommended maintenance schedule, he has no one but himself to blame. He should have no business being behind the wheel.

Secondly, if the owner did follow the schedule, it could be the fault of one or more factory worker(s) for not assembling the car right. How it is assembled is bound to show up in future use. Assembled right, the owner enjoys many good miles into six digits, and it's smooth sailing even possibly beyond. Assemble it wrong, and the owner suffers, thereby cursing the manufacturer.

2nd Sep 2013, 23:31

Chrysler has come a long way. I had a 1986 Chrysler Laser and it was a piece of junk/lemon. I bought it brand new off the lot, and the right speaker didn't work and the molding came off the window seal. Now I have a Dodge Charger, and it drives great and looks better than any car in its class.

Do you want a good car and a sporty look, then purchase a 2011 or newer 6 cylinder Charger. Well worth the money, and it has so many extras that the Fiats wish they had. Plus, who can fit in a Fiat?

2nd Sep 2013, 23:36

I agree with you wholeheartedly! No car has more room than the Charger. The Chevy Impala is trying hard, but who would get more compliments... it will always be the Charger.

Mine is holding up great. They really improved the noise reduction and reliability on the 2011 models or newer. I hated my old 1986 Laser because it was a lemon, but it was so nice when it ran and so soundproofed! The seats in the Laser outshone any in its class in the day.

Chrysler is getting better and better every year. I look forward to seeing what the Cuda will look like in 2015. And as far as reliability and crash tests, the Dart and Charger are doing well.

2nd Sep 2013, 23:39

I agree with this post. Every car today needs a warranty to last 100K or longer. There are more than 50 computers in today's cars and they are expensive to fix. Even if I owned a Honda, I would get an extended warranty.

13th Aug 2017, 19:44

Not accurate. I have owned a Chrysler 300m 3.5, and excellent car with low maintenance costs.