1st Jun 2007, 21:12

I bought my 97 Avenger es from my neighbor who parked after the lug-nuts were not torqued properly. It ran great, but now I have a clogged EGR Valve. I'm about to get that fixed. Now when I stop fast or let of after a pulse on the gas like waiting in line the transmission jumps out of gear into neutral. I'm not sure if it is just low transmission fluid. Other than that runs like a champ. I had a guy that wanted my car so bad that he was going to give me a supped up 89 Camaro that won against a LS7 corvette. Does your 0 to 60 seem to have more to be desired. My gas mileage is only like 16 though and I let off really early before a light or turn.

12th Jun 2007, 09:51

I have a 97 Dodge Avenger and am having the same stalling problem. I am about to pull my hair out. I have replaced the ignition module, which meant I had to replace the entire distributor since they wouldn't sell it to me alone. Still stalling, but now even running worse. Idle seems very high and is driving like I'm running out of gas. Real bad bucking and no power. occasionally it'll kick in and I'll have power, but more often I don't. Going up hill is horrible. I have replaced the air filter and gas filter. Still stalling and still driving like crap.

I had a 95 Avenger that ran beautifully, but it got stolen and totalled. So I thought I would get another one. This one definitely a dud.

Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

7th Jul 2007, 19:20

I just bought a 99' Avenger 2.0.l 5-speed and yes, it stalls and sputters too. I bought a new Idle Air Controller that seemed to help a little, but I'm still having problems. somethings wrong with the TPS, but I just bought a new one. The code scanner says that it's getting high voltage and it says it's at 16% open jsut sitting there idling. What could be the problem? I even ran a new tps sending wire, but still the same thing. I need some help.

10th Aug 2007, 17:07

I have a 97 Dodge Avenger that I purchased August of 05, and it ran great for the first 6 months. Then it started the stalling thing... Only in the mornings when it was cold. I'd have to let it warm up for like 20 minutes before I could drive it, or it would just die as soon as I touched the gas pedal. I actually didn't fix anything on it at all, which I know is horrible, I just kept driving it.

Then in August '06, it completely died on me on the freeway at 70 miles an hour, and I had to roll off into a parking lot. It would only go to about 40 miles an hour before it would start to idle real high, like it was stuck in gear. I left it there until I could pick it up the next day, and when I turned it on and went to drive it, it drove fine! So for the next month it gave me no problems, and then again it started idling high like it's stuck in gear.

In November '06, I parked it and it's been sitting since. Now I'm anxious to have my car back, and went to pick it up last weekend, and it started great! After all this time I only had to replace the battery cables and connectors, and it was even shifting. Although it did need two new tires, they were needed when I parked it. So I parked it at a friends house until I could get the tires the next day.

Went back to get my car, and it started great and ran great. Pulled off and got around the corner and it just died. Smoke started coming out my steering wheel and the passenger side of the hood from some box the throttle cables hooked to. I started the car right back up and now my gas pedal won't work! Now if I push it, it doesn't do anything... you can't push it! Like it's stuck or something, but it's more electrical! We pushed it back to the house and it is still running great; even when I pull the throttle it revs great! But the gas pedal won't move!

We turned it off to look at it, and when we turned it back on to push it we put it in reverse to let it move itself some and it started smoking again from the same places! It still runs great but what's with the pedal???!!!

HELP ME PLEASE!!! I LOVE MY CAR AND REALLY NEED SOME ADVISE AS TO HOW TO FIX IT. I've figured that the idle air control valve and the crank shaft position sensor need to be replaced, but this won't help my gas pedal.


PLEASE HELP, I LOVE MY CAR, IT'S MY BABY!! As a single mom, this is the one thing I've purchased on my own, and it means a lot to me.

15th Aug 2007, 19:28

I've got a 97 Avenger and about a month ago my passenger side door handle broke, and I figured no big whoop since I can still get in on the driver side.

Well today while trying to leave for work the driver side door handle broke, I finally was able to get in and on my way to work.

Just wondering how easy it is to replace them, and what if any tricks to getting it done quickly.

17th Sep 2007, 18:32

I'm having the same issue with the stalling. It will only do it when I stop though, or I am backing out. Anytime I start to slow down or completely stop, it will idle really hard and then die, unless I throw it into neutral. I changed the spark plugs and wires about 2 weeks ago and it ran like a charm for a week, then started acting this way again. Anyone know what's causing this? Also, for some strange reason it seems to run better when the air is on. So random!


13th Dec 2007, 23:37

I own a 1999 Dodge Avenger ES 2.5L, I really like this car, but it has come with its share of issues. I hope that I can help answer some of the problems that I've had.

One of the useful things to know about these cars is that they are basically an extended heavier version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Avenger and the Sebring are the exact same car, except for a few features and body paneling. The engine, transmission and most everything else are Mitsubishi. AFAIK in 2000/1 the Avenger was dropped, and became the Sebring R/T, until this year when the new model Avengers were introduced.

Some of the problems that I've had are.

Problem: Transmission suddenly dropping and ONLY using first gear.

Solution: Transmission Range Sensors. There are 2 TRS sensors on the Avenger (2.5L at least); an Inner and Outer one. They are relatively inexpensive (~$18 a piece) and easy to replace, they are located on the transmission, the easiest thing to do is remove the airbox. One is located to the left, the other is almost directly underneath the airbox. The first time I did it, it took me an hour, the second and third times, maybe 30 minutes. For some reason, they keep failing on me about 1 a year, not sure why, but when they're replaced, it runs like a champ.

Problem: Car randomly stops running. Sometimes it starts up again right away, sometimes it needs to cool down before it starts again.

Solution: For me it was the Crankshaft sensor. When I was researching this, there seemed to be a few common solutions.

- Crankshaft sensor. Located ~12 inches under the distributor.

- Camshaft Sensor. This is integrated into the distributor and to replace it you must replace the entire distributor.

- ASD Relay. Evidently this going bad is pretty rare.

Problem: I've also had the handles break off.

Solution: I ordered the new ones myself, but they came in unpainted. After looking at the work involved with doing it myself, I just ended up taking it into the dealer, and for around $500, they painted and replaced the handles for me.

Current issue, is that the car vibrates badly when braking. After making sure the most common thing was actually not causing it (warped rotors are the most common cause), I believe that I have it narrowed down to the tie rod ends. Which my gearhead friends tell me is not too terribly difficult, and a weekend warrior like myself should be able to do it in a day.

One of the other posters mentioned that they can't find a book on the Avenger, I use the Chiltons Manual for the Sebring/Breeze. Other great resources are the Dodge Forums, http://www.dodgeforum.com and ASOG (Avenger/Sebring Owners Group) http://www.asog.net/

Overall my heart really likes this car, it rides great, has decent power and has lots of nifty features, and for some reason, it feels really "safe", but my brain tells me it's just OK, I've had more "little" issues with it than my others ('90 Ford Escort/'89 Honda Accord/'00 626) My next car probably won't be an Avenger, and I'm not sure if I would really recommend one.