11th Jul 2003, 11:59

Its not just the avenger, I have a 1995 ram that has the same paint problem.

27th Aug 2003, 02:50

I have a 98' Dodge Avenger Sport and the paint on my spoiler looks terrible. Unfortunately I don't think the previous owner took very good care of this exceptional car. I would like to keep the current paint job looking as good as possible so if anyone has any advice I am open to it. It looks like water spots, but the spots chip and have eaten away at the clear coat.

2nd Sep 2003, 12:37

I just purchased a 97 dodge avenger and on the roof behind the sun roof is a rather large white milky spot.

9th Jan 2004, 00:52

I purchased a 96 Avenger in 2000, and the best way to describe my paint job is this: It looks as if someone took a basketball and dipped it in faint white paint and rolled it on my roof... I know that sounds weird, but it's the best I can come up with. I love the car though, it rocks!

I do have a bad oxygen sensor, passenger side window rattle, bad alarm (factory), and go through tires like a madman, but it's all good.

19th Jan 2004, 01:41

Same Problem - my beautiful black '96 Avenger turned into black, gray and white (primer!) car. Lucky for me as it turned out, my car was vandalized and my baby got a new paint job and she looks brand new again.

My family has owned a number of Chryslers over the years, and the dark cars have not held up well in the Texas sun. Several have faded pretty badly.

27th Apr 2004, 04:34

I've had my 97 Avenger for about 3 months now and recently when I take it to the car wash I've noticed the paint was a little spotty in some areas, mainly around the spoiler and on the roof. My boyfriend said it was just the sun, but now since I've read these different comments, I know better now. Other than that I've had minor problems, such as a tune up and needing 2 oxygen sensors. I hope nothing major happens to my car, because I really do like it!

25th Jun 2004, 09:56

I own a 98 Dodge Avenger ES and the paint has worn off on the roof behind the sun roof and also on the trunk. There are big white spots, it looks awful.

The front headlights got very milky looking and I had to replace them at a HUGE cost, but overall I haven't had any problems. Also, the headliner came loose on the sunroof, but that hasn't been a real problem. I bought it right off of the truck with 7 miles on it in July 1998 and I have 64,000 miles on it now. I've replaced the tires once and the brakes once. I'm going to have it painted and keep on driving it!

1st Mar 2005, 06:26

I have a silver 1997 Avenger ES and overall the car has been great. The paint on the spoiler and the back of the trunk faded. I had the spoiler re-painted, but did not notice the trunk at the time or I would have had both done. The dealer paid for 1/2 of the paint job, so if your car is fading you may want to talk to the dealer.

20th Jul 2005, 13:28

1997 Avenger ES 2.5 The worst car I have ever owned. Since purchasing the car in 2001 I have had nothing, but problems including: 14 flat tires (for real!), 2 bad wheel bearings, Power Steering pump, front ball joints/tie rod, exhaust flex pipe, O2 Sensor, Electrical failures/shorts & interior window stripping.

I finally gave up fixing it this time around. To fix the exhaust and O2 sensor it would be $1200.00. The flex pipe off the manifold is $600 from the dealer. Outrageous.

Good Things about car: Fun to drive, plenty of acceleration, body and exterior seem solid and great gas mileage.

31st Aug 2005, 13:32

I just recently got my 97 Avenger ES. I bought it used.

We went and got everything checked out and yet the check engine light keeps coming up. I don't understand why.

Also, what is average gas mileage for these type of cars? I believe mine isn't getting what it suppose to and with gas prices as outrageous as they are now ($2.99 a gallon!!) I need to know if something is wrong.

18th Nov 2005, 12:00


I bought my 2000 Avenger 2 years ago, my paint started that awful fading this summer. It looks just awful. Obviously even with this being a known problem they haven't corrected it from some of your 97 up to the last year they were made in 2000.

I don't think its fair that we have to pay to replace a factory defect.

I've also had problems with the sensors on my transmission 3 times now. I had to pay 2x and I'm arguing this 3rd time. There are only 2 so how can they say that they didn't put a bad one in? There is this black goopy stuff dripping out of the doors, I took it in 2x for this and they claimed they cleaned it all out and used a diff type of adhesive, YEA right, it came right back dripping out this past summer.

Other than the UGLY condition of the car now and the fact it breaks down every 6 mths, I enjoy driving it.

1st Jun 2006, 06:25

I have a 96 Avenger and it's got a lot of after market products. I've taken it to 2-3 places b/c it has a rattling sound I go over mid size to big bumps, and they can't figure out what it is. They did the struts & strut mounts, but its still doing it so can you tell me what it is?? thank you.

18th Jun 2006, 12:55

I am also a owner of an Avenger ES 1997 year, and I know that gas mileage is horrible. It drinks it like we drink water. I think it is just the HUGE V6 engine and how it works... car is not meant to be on the highway; I know that much!

14th Jul 2006, 16:13

I own a 98 Dodge Avenger ES, had it ever since June of 98. I haven't had any major engine problems, but I've had about 5 flats every year for the past 5 years. One tire plus labor is about $150, and that's with a sale!

Then yesterday, the lateral arm ball joint finally gave out. I was on my way to class and as I was turning to get into the school parking lot, BANG!! I had to get the car towed to a mechanic, the bill was $1559.49 to be exact.

I tried to get more information on what the mechanic told me what had to be fixed and found that there was a recall on the ball joints for the Avenger. Actually anyone could go and check as long as you have you VIN number. Anyway, the recall was in 99, and when I called to ask if its still good, they told me that they will pay for the parts. Well what parts? Because out of the entire bill $100 is the Lateral Arm. What about the Control Arm, that was $470!

11th Dec 2006, 20:00

I have a 99 Dodge Avenger and it is helpful to read all of these comments. I have had similar issues with the tires, at least 10 tires in the past three years. I also had to replace the transmission about six months ago with only 80,000 miles on the car. I am hoping that someone can advise if the paint recall is inclusive of the 99 Avenger, unfortunately my dealer went out of business.