6th Apr 2008, 02:46

I have a used 1998 Avenger ES. I've owned it about a year now. I got it when it had 108,000 miles, and it now has 120,000 miles. I just did a tune up on it; new plugs, new ignition wires, new cap and rotor.

Right after I did this, it turns over and starts, but stalls every time I slow down. Now I can't get it started at all, almost like it's not getting any fuel. Anyone else have this problem? And know what to do? Or what it is?

I've checked the relay and changed the filter, but not the pump. It gets gas, but I don't think enough to keep it running. I know about all the recalls; I'd take it in to have them fixed, but I can't get my car started. Any help would be great...

3rd Jun 2008, 14:10

Check your idle control servo, I believe it is on the rear of the throttle body. This is the unit that computer controls the idle. It zooms in and out automatically to control idle.

5th Sep 2008, 11:17

I have a 1998 Dodge Avenger ES, never any engine or transmission problems, always ran great. Blew out two tires though, and even though the recall was done ages ago and ball joints were replaced several months back, they finally broke after going through an intersection, although I'm grateful I landed safely on someone's lawn LOL. Great car otherwise.

5th Sep 2008, 17:28

Does anyone know how to prove that the recalls on the front lower control arms and ball joints are for the lifetime of the car? My car is exhibiting symptoms that these have gone bad and since the recall was performed 7 years ago under another owner, the dealership is telling me that I have to put a deposit down, because they might not get paid by Daimler Chrysler for performing the recalls. They told me I have to prove to them that the recalls are for the life of the car if I don't want to be charged for the work.

Also, my car intermittently stalls at idle. I've looked this problem up and while it's been cited as a common problem, none of the causes listed have turned out to be my problem. I had the EGR valve tested, and the catalytic converter, just to make sure. Both test fine. I've replaced the throttle position sensor. If anyone has had a similar problem and solved it, could they please advise me? Thank you!

17th Nov 2008, 01:36

I have a 97 Dodge Avenger ES, and am also having problems with the ball joints. I've had them replaced just about every 2 years, but the problem keeps occurring. I had no idea that there was a recall until my brother told me to look it up. Will they cover the whole expense for the ball joint repair?

I have also had the door handle break, as well as the paint on the roof and trunk fading. Also have had to replace tires on numerous occasions. Can anyone tell me if the dealership will do ALL ball joint repairs free of charge? Also, what exactly happens when the lower arm ball separates? Is it a total loss of steering? I'm driving this car in this condition right now. Just want to know how serious the situation would be if it separates, cuz I take the freeway to work everyday and it starts knocking right about 55 or 60 mph.

Other than that the car is a champ! 105,000 miles and still getting me to my job.

30th Dec 2008, 15:19

I own a Black 2000 Avenger ES that I ordered directly to my specs in October 1999 and took delivery on in December 1999 - essentially it is fully loaded. I had the AC pump go out right at 36K and they replaced it under warranty. Both speed sensors have gone out about a year apart a few years ago (a minor repair as previously noted). My paint (actually the clear coat to be specific) started separating on the roof at about year 3 and has migrated to the entire topside of the car. I also have the issue some have noted with the spoiler as well. My car has always been kept outside and I have always taken "normal" care with it. I don't believe the paint should be failing like this and I don't think I should have to pay to get it repainted as this is a defect in my opinion.

Otherwise, the car has been very good to me - no other problems. I just took it in today at 101,000 miles for a timing belt, both accessory belts, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and new coolant/anti-freeze. I also had the water pump and timing belt tensioner/idler pulleys replaced as a "preventive" measure since the mechanic was already in there with everything apart anyway. Everything else has been normal wear and tear - just brake pads and tires. My only complaint on the car is that I wish it had a larger V6 and a manual transmission available as an option back in 2000...

9th Apr 2009, 09:22

'98 V6 only owner, 120k, only problem were the b joints, recall and the drivers side handle.. My question is are the ball joints covered for life, and where can I get a copy that it is?

21st Mar 2010, 20:09

I have a 97 Dodge Avenger. I went on vacation, and when I came back, the sunroof was wide open and I can't seem to get it closed now. It seems like the sunroof opened on its own somehow, and it drained my battery. Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know how to close the sunroof manually??

27th Apr 2010, 14:07

Take a close look at the sun/moonroof switch; you'll notice a square cover just past it. Take a small flathead screwdriver and carefully pop it off, you can then insert a hex wrench and manually crank the top closed. As for the switch, I'd try to blow some air (the dust kind for computers) in and around it while moving it back and forth with the power off. It might have some moisture connecting the contacts or something, or just replace it. This should fix your problem, good luck!

16th May 2010, 14:34

Does anyone have a problem with the gas mileage on their 97 Dodge Avenger? It seems as though it is just drinking gas like water. Does anybody have a remedy?

31st May 2011, 20:49

I had the same problem, I have a 99 four cylinder and my EGR tube and EGR were clogged. If you take it off use a small screwdriver and poke it in the hole and "pop" it free then use like 2 cans of throttle plate cleaner and clean the crap out of it. I did it and I get awesome gas mileage. Also you can try that sea foam stuff from the auto parts store.