14th Jun 2011, 17:32

Relatively quick from a stop???

That's quite the understatement. I agree with the comments about lacking refinement, it is a Dodge after all.

However my Dodge makes my buddy's 5 series look like a Model T from a stand still.

1st Feb 2012, 17:06

I agree, it's good looking, manly car. I have one, an 09 SE, I've added a Flowmaster kit, and it sounds GREAT, but my buddy in his Honda Minivan made me look like I was driving a Geo Metro!

23rd Feb 2013, 05:49

I don't think the writer said anything about basic. The word was unrefined. These cars go for over 40 grand. At that price, one would expect the heated mirrors, rain sensing wipers and the few refinements like the alarm system light to be a bit more obvious from outside the car. The trunk lock being able to operate without a key is in fact less secure, and while it exists as a gadget, it's not refined to require the key in the ignition to operate. These kinds of things are gadgets present, but not refined in how it operates.

23rd Feb 2013, 10:00

Actually I would prefer less amenities on sports cars. I feel my Vette has too many dual readouts, and key fob failure can get you in trouble with battery loss. I have to reprogram at times through the fob and dash.

My son has a Viper and it's very basic. Very raw car, but outstanding to drive.

My neighbor has a beautiful Challenger. I feel it has great styling, and I like it better that the new Camaros. The designers should really be commended on this car.

I would like Mustangs more if they had a longer wheelbase.

I pretty much like all cool sports cars today. Lots of nice choices to be had.

30th Mar 2013, 01:01

Wow. So this guy says he knew about the trunk's "security flaw" and other flaws, but bought the car anyway. That actually speaks volumes in favor of Dodge.

1st Apr 2013, 10:23

I like the Challenger styling a great deal. I do not get or like this model at all. Am I alone on this? Make a Bullit modern tribute car with the hot styling from the past. The police and law enforcement may like this look, but I do not. I have owned many muscle cars from the 60s and 70s. Even if the tribute has a shorter wheelbase like they did to Mustangs, it would be an improvement. Make mine all black and even the dog dish hubcaps would work. My checkbook is ready. How about making them?

19th Oct 2018, 12:34

Go get yourself a 2010-2014 Dodge Charger because it is a cool four door sports car when equipped with the V8. Many of these cars end up sitting in the yard because they are expensive to fix. Get ready for cam/lifter issues, electric radiator fans that fly apart, and front end suspension components that wear out quickly. Did I fail to mention that every time a control module needs to be replaced, you will spend many dollars. I give Dodge credit for having an indestructible transmission and a good looking car. When you can't afford to spend the thousands of dollars it takes to keep it on the road, just fill the trunk with dirt and use it for a flower bed.

22nd Oct 2018, 12:36

Well, uh... so there, ready checkbook guy.