12th Jul 2015, 23:38

Yes. It has been quite frustrating. The mechanic thought it was the fuel pump. Paid for that, got it home, and the next time I went to drive it, all the gas had leaked onto the ground. Called the mechanic; he brought the tow truck and took it back to the shop. End result, he said the fuel line had come loose, but it "didn't have anything to do with the work just done".

Told them to go ahead and change the oil and filter. The next time I went to drive it, I didn't even get out of the driveway before it stalled. Out of frustration I left it parked.

A friend who restores vehicles came over and crawled under the truck. Said there was a hole in the gas tank. Gee, I wonder where that came from!

An acquaintance looked at the gas tank after taking it off the truck and said it was no good; "get a new tank". I bought some high heat epoxy resin meant to seal tanks and it doesn't leak anymore. Saved about $120.

But it still stalls.

Another acquaintance stopped by my house yesterday and I asked him if he knew anything about mechanics. CHECK EGR light came on briefly. I think all he did after looking at the choke and air filter was to remove a line and cover the end with his finger. You could hear a change in the idle, not the speed, but the tone went down. Don't remember him doing anything else. It didn't stall today and ran smooth.

Who knows. Maybe, just maybe, I might get my work truck to work after all.

In the last 4 years I have had at least 5 people wanting to buy the truck.

14th Jul 2015, 16:01

A unmemorable Japanese pickup that could only manage to stay running for 2000 miles over eight years, and you claim five people wanted to buy it, yet you still have it??

You should have taken their money. And run.

19th Jul 2015, 23:15

I know I'm a stickler for finishing a book or movie that drags on too. I refuse to give up on it. Put it in the shop last week. Gas tank is deteriorating from the inside and the rust and gunk is causing the filter to clog and close up, thereby shutting off the gas flow. Need a new tank. Anyone know where I can find one for this truck? Seems like all I find is for 1985; no 1986 as it was manufactured in September of '85.

15th Oct 2015, 22:19

Just bought an 86 D50. Had to replace the carburetor. The only one I found to replace it was a k614 Weber for around $300 on eBay.