27th Sep 2009, 20:03

Guess I got a lemon! Differentials seem to be major problem! Why doesn't Dodge fix this!

Losing my pants on my 2001 Dakota Sport 4x4! Plus front brakes locked up! Bad fluid separator, fluid bled, what's up, what's up! The truck is killing me $. Dodge has serious drive train problems!

Concerned, broke$.

10th Dec 2009, 20:18

After having a long and hated affair with a Dodge Power Ram 50 (aka Mitsubishi Mighty Max), I am looking into a 2001 Dakota. I will never venture near another Japanese made truck ever again. Every week it had some kind of ailment, from windows not lowering fully, to the engine swallowing one of those STUPID jet valves. I can't believe I rebuilt it and drove it again after that happened.

The transmission shifted well other than a constant grinding noise in every gear except fourth (?!).

The brake fluid would mysteriously vanish every month. Without ever having an accident, every last body panel on the sides and hood was WARPED!

I've owned Toyotas, Nissans, and Hondas, and every last one of them was cursed with all kinds of problems. I'm going back to the real truck world and sticking with Dodge, Ford or Chevy. The Dakota is sized perfectly, and everyone I ask about them says it's been an excellent truck, and I live in a VERY rugged part of the USA. Saionara Japan!!!

21st Dec 2009, 15:35

Yes, I get tired of this as well. Anyone who has lived the horror of a POS vehicle knows better. My wife's POS Buick had nothing to do with maintenance -- when the inside of the door fell off, what maintenance interval is that? When the plastic intake gaskets leaked and ruined the engine, uh, how often are those supposed to be changed?

17th May 2010, 12:34

I am going to purchase a 2001 Dodge Dakota Sport 5 speed with 54,000. The truck is in great shape inside and out. Going off the 12,000 mile a year suggested miles, it should have over 108,000 miles. I like the truck a lot; any concerns or anything I should know or worry about? I would like any input.

22nd Apr 2011, 12:37

Not sure what happened to you, but I have had mine 10 years and I haven't run into any of the problems you have had, except for it's harder on fuel than I like.

24th May 2011, 14:21

I actually have a question. Can you interchange parts for a 1997 Dakota Sport on a 2001? I would also like to know, is there a problem in all 2001 transmissions?

If any one knows, please contact me via e-mail volubles@yahoo.com

Thank you, Dora.