2001 Dodge Dakota Sport 4.7L from North America


Great performance... poor ride quality


I really have not experienced any problems as of yet.

Only minor problem was faulty clamp on radiator hose.

I also think Dodge could have found a better choice of tires to put on this truck. (16" Goodyear Eagle LS)

General Comments:

This truck offers excellent performance. It's the 2 door, short-bed with the 4.7L, 3.92 tru-trac. I put the K&N kit on it and it made a substantial difference in mid-range power.

The main problem with this truck is the ride quality. It's like riding in a truck with no suspension. It's almost impossible to ride and try to drink something without spilling it everywhere.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2004

2001 Dodge Dakota SLT V6 from North America


If it continues as is, it is a bargain all around


So far so good.

I got my Dakota Dec. 3, 2003 and love it.

After reading some of these reviews I will be holding my breath.

General Comments:

This little truck drives and handles almost as good as my 92 Z28 did.

I would like to see a little better gas mileage, being this is a V6. I only get just about 17 mpg on the highway and got over 20 mpg in the Z28.

I am worried about the ball joint problems that I have seen on TV. I hope Chrysler will issue a recall or warranty notice on this.

I love the body style of this Dakota and the great way it performs.

My husband is 6'4" and finds the single cab not to comfortable for him. Plenty of room for me.

I can haul as bulky of a load as I can in my F250.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2004

7th Jul 2006, 21:44

Hopefully you got your recall letter on the ball joint problem. I received mine in early 2005 I believe. I absolutely LOVED my 2001 Dakota and it did handle amazingly well. At the time I also owned a 5.0 Mustang and I actually felt much safer driving fast in my Dakota than in it. I had the fuel efficient 4 and I averaged 22mpg. I had installed a K&N filter, Flowmaster muffler, and used synthetic oil, all of which helped the power a little, though it was plenty powerful enough to hold its own in traffic and haul my camping gear easily.

Sadly, my Dakota was totalled in early 2006. I hate the dog-ugly styling of the new Dakotas, and the fact that they are only offered as a super cab and no longer have the fuel-efficient 4. I opted to go back to the Ford Ranger as my new truck.

Hopefully you will have a great experience with your Dakota. Mine never once saw the inside of a service department in 5 years. It was an awesome truck. I miss it.

2001 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.8 from North America


Price is cheap to allow money for gas/repairs - you'll need it!!!


Drivers side door armrest had to be replaced due to lack of foam for support - 10,000kms.

Both fog lamp covers broken from stone chips on regular highway driving - 11,000kms.

Noisy brake pedal during cold winter months - dealer only oiled this and that is not the problem - noticed at 12,000kms, but still continues during cold days.

Same noise in steering column - won't even bother the dealer with this as I know what their response would be.

Rear fender moldings have all paint missing on front bottom portion of moldings due to stone chips - 35,000kms.

Engine light came on at 40,000kms - needed new gas cap.

Fan motor switch toasted - happened at 60,400kms which was 400kms past the warranty period - dealer wouldn't cover this.

Front brake rotors gone at 60,000kms.

Paint chipped on cab where rearmost corner of the doors touches the cab and is starting to rust - due to excessive movement as frame is not rigid in Quad Cab models.

Rear differential making horrible noises during tight radius turns - still waiting to take this to the dealer - 75,000kms.

Spark knock is excessive under load - this is noted in the owners manual that a slight noise may be heard. Didn't realize that I had the Cumins diesel in my truck.

Box is not lined up correctly on frame - noted this to dealer and they didn't adjust this. The box sits outboard on the passenger side by about 3/4".

General Comments:

Although I didn't want to purchase a full size Chev as I thought the gas mileage would be poor, I opted to purchase my first Dodge/Chrysler product. Now I know that the gas mileage is the same between this Dakota and a full size Chev - stupid me as I receive a GM discount as well which would have been a difference of about $2000 CDN.

Truck is sluggish - no power with the V6 at all. Transmission is even worse - it shifts into overdrive at the worse times and also upshifts sometimes at will. Can't wait till it craps out which it eventually will as this is what Dodge is notorious for. I bought this truck as it was the only 4 door model available in 2001.

One other note about the transmission - if the temperature is below -19 Celcius or 0 F, then it will not shift into overdrive. I drove to work one day on the highway without my O/D which was about a 35 minute drive at 110kph or 65mph. Called the dealer and they told me about this "safety" feature on the transmission. I've never heard of this in my life and if this is true then why is this information not disclosed to the public, especially where winter temperatures below 0 F are quite common?

Speaking about the 4 doors, the rearmost top portion of the door contacts the cab which removes the paint which leads to rust as our streets are covered in salt during the winter months. One can only touch this up so often without forgetting. Try taking your Quad Cab out on a field and place your finger between the door and the cab. Don't apply too much pressure as your finger will get pinched.

I'd love to get rid of this truck, but since the resale is so poor, I have to hold onto it for at least another 2 years. Heck, I'd even trade this truck even for a Pontiac Aztec!!!

I'd wish I knew about this website before I purchased this truck as I surely wouldn't have purchased this.

Dodge dealerships also should learn to respect the owners of their vehicles. All the dealerships I've dealt with were always less than pleasing - I didn't realize that I am the one who is judged when I bring my truck in for legitimate issues. As I am employed at a Quality Engineer in the automotive realm, I know from first hand experience what the assembly plants request from their suppliers. I've been involved in numerous Quality reviews on vehicles and I know what they critique. If I were that picky about things, then I know they'd have a reason to be nasty towards me however I turn a blind eye on many issues that I find displeasing. Spark knock identified as normal in the owners manual?? Seems like Daimler Chrysler identifies some of the flaws up front so that they wouldn't be hit with warranty issues. Too bad the salesmen do not pony this info up front - once they have the sale, you get a swift kick in the rear and they turn a blind eye to your comments.

I guess they do not want repeat business and it shows. They are no longer part of the Big 3 and will likely slip behind Honda and Nissan this year as well. Who knows, maybe they will fall below the likes of Kia...

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Review Date: 27th December, 2003

5th Mar 2004, 10:22

3 Dakota's since 97 doesn't speak volumes as you obviously haven't had each vehicle long enough to possibly feel the pains.

Regarding taking care of the vehicle, I doubt anyone is as meticulous as myself when it comes to maintenance, detailing, and general cleaning. It is oiled twice each year and rust proofed annually.

Regular highway driving on 8 lane highways should produce results on the exterior of the truck as I have noted. Why is only one side of the flares missing paint and yet the other is fine?? Why are both the foglamp lenses cracked when the highway driving that it has seen minimal? As I do not drive on non-paved roads, why would this occur? I'll tell you why - Dodge manufactures cheap products and they annually request a minimum 5% reduction in piece price. Suppliers are either subcontracting out their components or changing their process/materials to a cheaper version which just either barely passes the minimum requirements or gets buy-off by Chrysler Engineering. I've seen this first hand working with Chrysler.

Keep the vehicle for a few years and then you'll notice all those little issues which I've never had an issue with on imports. Yes imports from Japan. The new Nissan's sure look nice and their reliability is known world-wide.