2001 Dodge Dakota Sport 4.7 V8 from North America


The little truck that could


I had a line to the charcoal canister dry out and crack. Cut off the cracked portion and put it back on. Check engine light went out, and back to work.

The front pinion bearing went out at about 100k, but replaced pinion and carrier bearings and was back on the road for about 150 bucks.

Oh, the rear end failure during a trip towing my 5000 pound 67 F100 500 miles from California to Oregon, so I feel like it had a good excuse to let go.

General Comments:

I have used this truck like a truck and it has acted like one. I have wheeled it some in mud sand and snow, and it has gone everywhere the BFG All Terrains would let me. I have slotted and drilled disks in the front and a 5 speed, so a few less things to worry about.

I have worked the hell out of this truck, and it always performs. Towing my Jeep or Ford around, it never lacks power. Hauled a Harley in the bed and a boat in tow this summer from Oregon to Arizona, and it did awesome.

A few months ago I did a scrap metal run 100 miles to Portland. It pulled all the hills at 50-55, got 13 mpg, and crossed the scales at 11,200lbs combined. Ha ha, Dodge rates this rig for around 4400 pounds and the rig weighs about 4500.

I love the little truck. I will be getting a cummins some time soon, but until then, the Dakota gets it done.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2008

2001 Dodge Dakota Sport, Club Cab 4.7 from North America


Dodge Dakota Sport 2001 is a total piece of crap!


Multiple issues with tie-rods. There was a recall, but the dealer said reoccurring front-end problems were not related to the recall and wouldn't cover them.

An electronic sensor causes erratic shifting. After changing speed sensor, the dealership defaulted that the truck needed a new transmission. Unfortunately, I didn't listen and even after a new transmission, the problem returned. Dealer again worked on the speed sensor and at least for now the truck is shifting normally.

Truck runs at a very high idle and mechanics have not had success regulating it.

Note: I've put less than 8,000 miles on a truck that I purchased with less than 75,000 miles. I've not noted the many small irritations.

General Comments:

I've driven a pick-up for 20 years and this is the worst piece of crap I've ever driven. It is an incredibly beautiful truck - Dodge's way of getting you to buy a piece of junk. Don't be deceived by looks!

All of the small problems I have show up on message boards as repeated problems with the Dodge Dakota. Hopefully you are reading this before you purchase.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2008

2001 Dodge Dakota SLT Quad Cab 5.9 from North America


Great looking, but poorly designed product


Transmission replacement at 135000 k.

Engine overhaul at 143000 k.

Front left drive axle knocking on turns.

Truck has loud squeaks going over bumps.

Throttle position sensor replaced @ 140000k.

General Comments:

Great looking truck, but the repair costs after 100 k make you never want to buy another Dodge product.

This vehicle had oil changes every 4K, with the transmission getting a major flush ($300.00) at 50K, so I wonder why the transmission, engine and front drive differential have had to be replaced after 140 K on a vehicle that was over serviced according to the manufacturers recommendations.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2007

7th Jun 2010, 21:38

Mine is exactly the same...

27th Jan 2011, 02:58

I was looking at buying one of those... Makes me really nervous now.

2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab SLT 4.7L from North America


The truck is poorly engineered


Brake Rotors - replaced 3 times.

Rear differential - all bearings, gears shot.

Upper ball joints.

Rear you joint/front you joint.

Lower control arms.

Spare tire carrier siezed up.

Fan resistor.

Hood rust.

General Comments:

I have been extremely disapointed with the quality of this vehicle.

While I enjoy the power, cabin comfort, size, and look of the vehicle, I will never buy another Dodge again.

I have put about 2k in repairs into this truck this year alone.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2007