2001 Dodge Dakota SLT Quad Cab 4x4 3.9 V6 from North America


My Dakota was a great work truck


The truck as had some issues, but nothing serious before 150,000 miles.

After 150,000 I replaced gas lines, power steering pump, ball joints, master cylinder, oil pan, some radiator lines, air conditioning died, and the fuel gauge is out.

General Comments:

I bought the truck new in 2002. It has been an excellent vehicle. Never got stuck in the snow, heat always blows hot, steering is awesome and it is a comfortable vehicle. To have a work vehicle transport building materials in and out of construction sites, and get 185,000 miles is awesome.

It's at a point now where the rust is taking over and I will have to find something else.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2015

2001 Dodge Dakota SLT 5.9 V8 from North America


It meets my needs for a truck


Front brakes locked up, leaving me stranded.

Ball joints replaced under warranty.

Transmission is leaking fluid slowly.

Fan speed resister box replaced.

General Comments:

Overall, generally I am pleased with this vehicle and would consider purchasing another Dodge product.

The 5.9 V8 360 cubic inch motor is thirsty, but has plenty of power for pulling a trailer up hills.

The tranny leaks, but works just fine.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2011

2001 Dodge Dakota Sport 4.7 V8 from North America


Tainted, but tough!


I sold it to my friend, and when he reached 108,000km, some fluid froze up and the engine piston blew, causing around 7K in damage.

Unfortunate for him, but that's what happens when you drive the engine 5 hours at 180km/h in 4 Hi in -35 weather.

General Comments:


Great styling, inside and out.

Great availability of aftermarket stuff.

Good performance.

Great off-road range.

Good stereo.


Gas mileage.

Back seat only good for 1 person on long drives, otherwise get a four door.

At 54,000km, I crashed it head on into some heavy brush causing 8K damage to the undercarriage. It sat for 3 months in a impound lot because of DUI, and another month getting fixed.

At 70,000km, it sat another 6 months for DUI.

At 108,000km, a head gasket blew, causing 7K damage to the engine, and sat another 9 months due to not enough funds.

Someone bought it and fixed it. I still see it driving around my home town. Tough truck.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2011

4th May 2011, 16:47

Oh dangit! Those pesky DUIs sure do mess up a man's car ownership experience.

4th Jun 2014, 16:48

I hope you lose your license; you are a danger to everyone around you!

4th Jun 2014, 18:18

I share your sentiment, but unfortunately fear that pulling a driver's license won't stop some people from driving without one.

2001 Dodge Dakota Sport Quad Cab 4x2 4.7 H.O. Magnum from North America


Faithful and usefull!!!


Nothing but power steering pump leaks, but she's got 200,000 + miles!!! LET HER LEAK, SHE'S EARNED IT!!

General Comments:

200.000+ miles and she will still burn the tires off, and pull herself in half!!!

Plenty of room!! I'm 300lbs.


Only thing is 10MPG. OUCH!!!

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Review Date: 11th January, 2011

2001 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.9 from North America


Won't buy another


Front driver's side wheel fell off due to bearings at 150,000.

New transmission put in at 198,000, and currently in the shop having ANOTHER transmission put in at 208,000.

Air conditioning/heater fan quit due to wires rusting and rotting, at 180,000.

Handle on tailgate rotted at 180,000.

We take very good care of our vehicle. It drives us to work and back, groceries and appointments, but it never fails that something goes wrong.

General Comments:

This truck has done pretty well, being a 2001, but don't think we will buy another Dodge, due to the cheap quality!

It is a V6, and has no guts to it.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2010

8th Dec 2010, 17:40

Geez, who would have thought you'd encounter problems after 180,000 miles.. The 2nd tranny was a problem with the installer..

22nd May 2012, 20:37

I have the same truck, and it's at 230,000, and I have only needed to replace a few small things here and there. I think you just got a bad egg. I have had my Dakota up to 110 MPH. This truck has a lot balls for being a small pick up, plus I carried a 2 ton pellet stove home on it, and it worked perfect.

23rd May 2012, 17:24

I bought a brand new 2001 Dakota Sport in October of 2000. It was an awesome truck. I drove it five years with never a single problem. Unfortunately a guy in a Toyota Tundra ran a stop sign in front of me, and although my truck was still drivable (the Toyota nearly broke in half and the engine fell out!!), the insurance company wrote my truck off as a total. Due to the great resale value of Dodge trucks, I was paid just $800 less for my truck than I had paid for it brand new five years earlier.