2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab SLT 4.7 V8 from North America


Good truck... I want to lift it about 4"


Check engine light comes on about once every three months for two days or so.... Then goes out. Dealer said it was the gas cap.

General Comments:

First Dodge I've ever had. Wish I could lift it with a good suspension lift that didn't cost a fortune.

It's a nice looking body style and body lifts mess up the look of the truck.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2006

14th Mar 2006, 15:14

If you're not going offroad, then there is no reason to lift it.

7th Jul 2006, 15:51

The check engine light is most likely due to the gas cap. Regardless of what your dealer might tell you (they just want your money) I'd just ignore it. I had the same problem and just ignored it. It went another 50,000 miles with not a hint of a problem. Also, for God's sake, DON'T RAISE YOUR SUSPENSION!!! The Dakota is one of the best looking, best handling trucks made, and raising it will ruin both the looks and the handling. I traded my Dakota for a high-sitting Ranger Sport and the handling is much worse than the Dakota and it looks dorky sitting way up there. Dakotas (the pre-ugly older ones) are the best looking trucks ever built. Don't mess it up!!

2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, Sport, 4X4 4.7 V8 from North America


This has been a great truck


Front rotors replaced due to one that had siezed to the wheel hub from corrosion causing brake pulsations.

Radio/CD failed.

Front sway bar bushings tend to dry out and squeak and make noise. (just require some lithium grease or replace)

Upper ball joints replaced under recall.

General Comments:

I have been very pleased with my 2001 Quad Cab, it has had very few problems and has performed extremely reliably for it's first 77,000 miles. It still starts and runs like the day it was new. I expect I will have to have to perform a tune up some day.

At 75,000 miles I finally replaced the OEM tires, brakes, and shocks, and the truck drives great again. I am sure I will get another 75,000 out of it.

Like most I wish it did better than 18mpg down the highway, but that was what it was rated for the V8 4X4 and I needed to tow in excess of 5000lbs which this truck does handily.

Interior and Exterior still look good and seem to be wearing well.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2005

7th Jan 2006, 05:47

I Have the same truck in silver Runs great; All I have is the squeaking in the front end. Best truck I ever owned


Staten Island NY.

14th Apr 2007, 06:23

I wish I had as much luck with my '01 Dakota. This has been one of the least reliable vehicles I have ever owned. My truck has 50k miles and I have replaced the rotors 3x, ball joints (recall), rear differential (1K repair!), lower control arms, u-joints, fan resistor, spare tire carrier, tailgate stays. Keep in mind, I DON"T TOW ANYTHING! I will never buy another Dodge...it's back to Toyota for me... my last Toyota had 190K on it when I sold it... and I towed a trailer all over the country. I NEVER did any major repairs other that wearable items on the truck. Can you tell I am frustrated? I'll stop now.

2001 Dodge Dakota SLT Quad Cab from North America


Not worth the trouble


Within a few weeks of purchase, the 'engine malfunction' light came on. The dealer said nothing was wrong and reset the indicator. A few weeks later, the same thing happened. The dealer still couldn't find anything wrong and reset the light again. It came on again a few weeks later, and I had to threaten to take action under the 'lemon law' to get dealer to finally find the problem--the gas tank had a hole in it, which, according to the dealer, cause the emission protocol to fail lighting the 'engine malfunction' light.

After 3 months, the truck had problems shifting into reverse. Dealer did something (I don't recall what exactly) to address problem. It was mostly fixed, but there were still minor shifting problems occasionally.

The first spring, I noticed the truck blew warm air through vents, even if it was cool outside. In the summer, the AC doesn't cool cab very well. Dealer said nothing could be done.

At 43,000 miles, the 'engine malfunction' light came on and first gear stopped engaging. The dealer said it needed a completely new transmission and it wasn't covered under warranty, which it said ended at 36,000 miles. Cost was $4,300. Outrageous!

General Comments:

I like the room in the cab to put my kids in the full back seat, and we have used this as our only vehicle since we bought it. However, given the numerous problems, I cannot recommend these trucks, and we will be replacing.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2005

9th May 2006, 11:18

I always knew dodge had bad automatic transmissions, but I never really hear anything else that goes wrong with them. Your review sure makes me happy that I got a manual transmission.

28th Aug 2008, 12:24

I think the first guy just had a crappy dealership he was going to. If the check engine light comes on, there is something wrong.