2001 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6 from North America


I'd rather drive off a cliff and DIE than have it taken away, and only be able to have a Toyota


For the most part, my Dakota has been trouble free until last year.

In the past year and a half, I have redone valve cover gaskets, water pump (I would link that to a previous accident, the fan was bent and replaced, probably didn't help matters) at 158,000 miles, and currently after getting a new set of tires (Firestone Destination A/T P215/75R15 100S-LOVE EM!!)

I discovered that I needed both lower ball joints (they are original), both upper ball joints (replaced 2005 during a recall -- that was 91,000 miles), left tierod end, and left wheelbearing (4x4).

Just for the heck of it, I had the cash to spare, and I have bought all the ball joints (MOOG), both wheel bearings, both tie rods, front brakes, and control arm bushings all around, for approx $850. And a bottle of Neversieze!! Put it around the wheel bearing housing so it will press out easier - if it ever needs to be done again!

I also have had one ongoing problem -- EVAP leaks triggering light. Believe it mostly revolves around the EVAP canister underneath. But the light is always about at inspection time, so I have time to replace it.. sometime.

One last thing I nearly forgot, (amazing what you can almost forget) the 4x4 Transfer case to front axle driveshaft. It has a universal at the axle and a CV joint at the case. I had it replaced by the dealer at around 120,000 miles. Then earlier this year, I heard it again. The price -- around $400.00, dealer only part. However, I found through the Dakota owners web page, a custom built, HEAVY DUTY, all universal type shaft built at Driveline Express in Lubbock Texas. 2 numbers available, no website. 1-800-753-1273, and 1-806-762-5896. Shipped UPS ground and pay COD. BELIEVE ME, there is a difference in the use of your 4x4 with this shaft. That extra torsional rigidity in it makes the front end hook up on both sides, and I have limited slip 3.55, which before always spun on one side or other, now it's HOOKED!

General Comments:

2001 to 2004 was the LAST of a great creation.

Overall I can say the Dakota was a serious truck when properly equipped.

I do wish it would have had available lockers for the front. I'll give Toyota that one, lockers, however I have no use for Toyota, biggest liars in the automotive industry, and as of recent I feel vindicated.

Back to the point, I have a commercial package pickup, bench seat, 5 speed manual, cassette deck, (now Sony Xplode CD) no air, regular cab. That's how a truck should be. If I was doing it all again today however, I wouldn't buy the Dakota, they have KILLED it. I only paid $14,900 for mine. Now you can't find one less than $21,G!! If I were to buy today, I'd go to a 3/4 ton full size. I'd still prefer Dodge, BUT Ford has a great runner up setting there, I drove one one day!!

The dream setup would be with the Cummins diesel, but if I'm not towing often, just get the Hemi, 6 speed manual, lockers all around, regular cab, HD clutch, Plow/Tow package, (Power Wagon??) 16.5 tires or 235/85/16 tires.

Ford would be same concept, but with 5.4L and HD auto/cooler. And bench seat in either one!! Because I want a TRUCK.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2010

2001 Dodge Dakota SLT 4.7 from North America


Timing chain makes noises when first started, and the front drive shaft went out.

General Comments:

The 4.7 runs GREAT!!! Rides like a bull and the gas mileage sucks!!! But all around, I like my truck.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2009

2001 Dodge Dakota 4.7L Magnum V8 from North America


Love it, and buying another


The only issue I have ever had with this truck is the 4wd unit quit. You can still shift it with a wrench, but not just flicking the dash switch :(

The mileage is poor, about 18mpg, but it's a V8 with performance parts and 31" tires.

General Comments:

Between my father and I, this truck has been through hell. We are both in search and rescue, and he is an EMT. We drove it through floods and he commutes to work in it. I constantly abuse it on and off the road, and it takes every bit of it!

I am even looking at buying a lifted twin to this truck.

It survived me and my friends at 16, and has never failed to crawl out of whatever I bury it in.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2009

25th Apr 2012, 02:49

18 mpg with a 4x4 V8 and 31" tires is NOT "poor" - that's awesome.