5th Oct 2007, 22:15

Uhhh... My '95 has 205,000 miles on it and the transmission is still fine. All you're doing is repeating a rumor of something that you didn't actually experience on your own vehicle. As for going back to something that will last, how is "perfect all the way through 115,000 miles" not lasting? That sounds pretty good to me. You'd probably still be driving it had it not been totalled. Japanese vehicles are notorious for weak transmissions.

5th Mar 2008, 16:25

If you were worried about power you should have got the v8 not the 4 or the 6.

2nd Sep 2008, 15:53

You know, I own a 1996 Dakota with a 5 speed and the 3.9L V6 Magnum and the transmission is Japanese ironically. Unfortunately my truck was never well taken care of and has severe frame rust due to road salt in NY. There are a lot of problems with it but it still runs and drives pretty well. I was thinking about replacing it with a Chevrolet 9C1 Caprice...

15th Jan 2009, 20:41

I agree 100%, just left my own review, had a 95. The thing is an underpowered piece of crap... I am never buying another Dodge.

14th Mar 2009, 21:04

I have a 95 Dodge Dakota too, and yes the paint is terrible, and I would say that Dodge makes the worst paint, but I bought it as my first car, and it still runs like a top.

3 years later, the only real problem is that I have replaced the water pump, and it stills leaks a little, but other than that, it is great, and I have raced a lot of people, and I have had it up to 112 on the interstate and it loved it

I had a Holly air intake put on it and a new dual exhaust, and people say it sounds mean. I guess you just have to have some luck when you pick one out you know. (CHIODO)