9th Oct 2014, 20:19

I sympathize on your problems with Chrysler Corporation's warranty service (or should I say LACK thereof?). Both my brother and I ran into the same sort of problems back in 1988. We both bought Dodges, both had problems, and Chrysler just flatly refused to honor the warranty. Both cars experienced problems within weeks of being bought new. The manager of the dealership we both bought our Dodges from told me "We're not going to fix it and there's nothing you can do about it!" Appeals to Chrysler went unanswered. My brother traded his Dodge for a Chevy and I opted to pay for my own repairs. After I did so, I drove the car 100,000 miles with no more problems. However, after that experience neither my brother nor I ever bought another Chrysler Corporation vehicle. Their refusal to honor our warranties has resulted in us buying Ford and GM for the last 26 years.

10th Oct 2014, 02:43

Geez dude, turn the car back in under the lemon law, and buy a Honda.

10th Oct 2014, 20:41

After our horrible experience with Honda, I'd never recommend one to my worst enemy. Buy from an American manufacturer. Ford and GM are both very reliable and well built. I'll never own another poorly made Japanese car.

10th Oct 2014, 21:52

"What should I say? How should I feel? What should I think? Please, Chrysler fans, enlighten me (preferably after paying me the Kelly Blue Book value for this fine automobile that you insist is a masterpiece that I should not disparage)."

What should you say? Exactly what you have. The review is about YOUR experience, with your car - not someone else's. There are, and will be others whose cars may have never had problems, or those happy with theirs, and they can put their thoughts into their own reviews.

I personally read Carsurvey.org to find out what things can go wrong with cars, which variants are affected, and eventually, if there was a solution discovered by an owner, or if it was a batch of cars of a certain year or VIN number.

29th Oct 2014, 14:05

Chrysler 4 cylinders pretty sturdy units? I was a mechanic during the Aries/600/Lebaron/k-car heyday. The running joke when one rolled in (and a lot of them rolled in) was "I'd like an oil change, head gasket, hall effect sensor, and you might as well order me a cylinder head for when it comes back with a leaking new head gasket, because the head is warped from overheating". Never mind head replacements from seized spark plugs. Sturdy indeed.

30th Oct 2014, 18:59

And just how is the Aries/Lebaron engine related to the Dart engine?

14th Sep 2015, 02:39

My 2013 Dart Rallye has 106,000 miles on it. Outside of regular maintenance (tires, oil, spark plugs), a broken passenger visor and one rear wheel bearing are the only things I have paid to fix. It still has the original brakes and gets 38 MPG on the highway. Knock on wood, but it's one of the most trouble free cars I have owned.

21st Jan 2017, 19:05

I've owned two Hondas, both of which were much more than any three American cars I've owned. How do you reconcile that?

A small handful of anecdotes do not constitute data.