1988 Dodge Daytona Pacifica 2.2 turbo I from North America


Small, but fun


Fuel pressure regulator went bad.

MAP sensor failed.

Fuel injectors all needed to be replaced at 85k.

Clunking from right rear suspension.

Odometer intermittent.

Trip computer buttons need cleaning.

Hatchback gas struts failing.

Turbo gauge sticks.

Passenger wiper transmission failed at 100k.

General Comments:

Lots of small faults I blame on previous owner.

Very fun to drive, and surprisingly comfortable for two people.

Back seats are a joke. Only good for short trips, and only if you're less than 6 feet tall.

Leather has aged quite well over 22 years.

Surprisingly quick when you wind up the turbo.

Corners surprisingly well for such unsophisticated suspension.

Constant head-turner.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2011

1988 Dodge Daytona Pacifica 2.2 turbo I from North America


A good car. Quick and comfortable


Starter relay failed. Very cheap part, very easy installation.

Transmission started to slip a bit. This was a result of the car sitting for so long outside. A fluid line to the trans needed replaced, as well as the axle boots. The transmission itself wasn't at fault.

A penny fell into the cigarette lighter slot, and shorted the radio and digital dash out. Take my advice and watch your spare change!

General Comments:

I found this gem on a dedicated Turbo Dodge forum, and had to pick it up. With only 40k miles on the clock and a whole bunch of modifications, I thought this was a wise move.

The turbo system needed tuned a bit, due to the previous owner messing with it. Once we got everything figured out, the car picked up speed very rapidly.. though there was pretty large turbo lag. It's an automatic, what are you going to do?

The interior in this car was great! Sure the maroon makes it look a bit dated, but it is what it is. The power drivers seat was one of my favorite features, and I never tired of messing with it. Very very comfortable place to be.

Fuel economy was better than I expected. EPA estimates this thing does 18 city 23 highway. I saw 25-26 average. Thought my right foot was anything but heavy. I was driving this car during the season of $4+ fuel prices, and this one drinks premium!

It was a good car, never gave me any troubles. Paint was shot though, previous owner's fault.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2011

1988 Dodge Daytona Base 2.5 from North America


It was a great car, and I wore it out!


Rear stabilizer bar rattle.

Timing belt failure at 150,000 miles.

Engine knocks at 250,000 miles.

Radio/tape/balance malfunctions.

Wind noise in upper windshield since new.

General Comments:

My Daytona was the base model, with the 2.5 L 4 cylinder engine. 5-speed manual transmission.

Black with grey velour interior.

Options included moon/sunroof (manual).

6 speaker infinity am/FM stereo with cassette.

This was my first brand new car.

The car was seriously underpowered, but acceptable.

Very sporty, turned heads where ever I went.

I loved the unique tail lamp design, especially at night.

I put a lot of miles on that car, close to 300,000 miles, and no major mechanical problems, except for the timing belt.

The interior was well laid out, and the seats were comfortable.

Only regret was not buying the automatic transmission. They had one, but the other car was white, and I wanted the black one.

Paid around $12,000 for it brand new.

Traded two cars in on it. A 1980 Datsun King Cab, and a 1967 Triumph TR4 (didn't run).

Was 22 at the time, and very naive. Looking back, I don't think they deducted the trade-ins from the purchase price! I paid the full 12,000 in payments of 209 a month for 5 years!

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Review Date: 30th September, 2009

30th Sep 2009, 11:18

Trust me, you made a good choice in going with the manual transmission.

1st Oct 2009, 08:46

Banks and finance charges have this thing called INTEREST. That's why you paid 12,000 in notes.

1988 Dodge Daytona Shelby 2.2 turbo from North America


Chrysler ripped off the working man


2 timing belts.

2 turbos.

2 alternators.

3 rack and pinions.

Right front axle.

Too many CV joints to count.

3 radiators (they are plastic).

Head gasket.

3 distributors.

2 power steering pumps.

All except the distributors were less than 50k miles. Multiple mechanics.

General Comments:

Great paperweight. Left my family on the side of the road more times than I could count. Rotten, typical Chrysler resale value (0).

Sure it was nice to look at, but never could get me to work. Wish I had my 14K back to have bought a Toyota or Nissan of the same year. I thought they had gotten better.

Made the mistake of buying a 99 Grand Caravan new. Lost 30K on that one. Family still stranded 2 transmissions later. Thanks Uncle Sam for bailing these fools out with my tax money in the 80's. Would have done better paying them to stop making cars.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2008

12th Apr 2011, 15:19

If this review is true, it's only a representation of a poorly maintained car. Most of the replacement item's mentioned could have easily been aftermarket stuff. Even with average maintenance, these cars are very reliable and long lasting.

12th Apr 2011, 16:39

I agree with 15:19. I had a 1988 Shelby Daytona that went 100,000 miles without any repairs beyond brake pads. These cars were very solid and reliable cars. Our friends had a 1987 Shelby Daytona that was driven nearly 200,000 miles with no problems.