1989 Dodge Daytona ES 2.5 from North America


Great car


The fuel injector froze up one morning when it was 10 below zero.

General Comments:

This car is simply amazing. The seats are the most comfortable seats in any car I have driven. They are like lazy boy recliners. The back seats how ever are so small a five year old would be uncomfortable. If you put the back seats down however, the trunk is bigger then a station wagons, I fit a twin size mattress back there, and it slept two just fine. The pick up is as slow as my grandma's wheel chair, but once you get it off the line, it zips. The speed meter goes up to 125, I hit 120 on a trip to lake George, and I'm sure it has enough power to bury the needle. The gas millage is great in this beast, the Daytona has great looks, from its three piece spoiler to its huge extended hood.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2003

28th Aug 2004, 13:01

I too have a 1989 Dodge Dayton ES and although it's my first car I think that it will be one of my favorites that I'll ever have. Like yours mine too is slow starting off, but once it gets going theres no stopping her. I was able to bury the needle at 125 mph, but only did it briefly so as not to damage her.

The backseat is fairly small, since she is a Hatchback though and I am able to make room for anything I need to move.

Once again I believe this will be on of the best cars I'll have.

1989 Dodge Daytona Shelby 2.2L turbo from North America


A high performance/low cost investment


Head Gasket gone when I got the car.

Throw out bearing gave out 3 months into ownership.

General Comments:

This car is very quick - runs between 14.8-15.1 in the quarter mile, depending on driver and options.

The handling is Awesome!

The power seats are VERY comfortable!

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Review Date: 6th April, 2003

1989 Dodge Daytona ES 2.5L non-turbo from North America


A very fast and economical car for being a four cylinder


When I first bought the car, it only had a little rust on the right rear quarter panel, and under the car.

Driver seat does have a small tear in it.

In 2002 I had to replace both front brake lines and brake pads.

I also had to replace the timing belt.

General Comments:

The car handles really well, but I think I'm gonna need new shocks and struts real shortly here.

Me being 6'4" the seats could be a little bit more comfortable, especially on long trips.

For as many miles that are on my car there has been very few problems that I've had with it. Biggest problem being my brakes so far.

Interior of my car is nice. wish I had a few more options on it, e.g. power windows, locks, and etc.

With the manual transmission the car is very economical and very responsive when I touch the gas pedal, even without the turbo.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2003

1989 Dodge Daytona ES 1.5 turbo from North America




The cam shaft broke in half at around 80,000 miles.

A cylinder went out 4 months after I got the car.

The thermostat went out at around 95,000 miles.

The timing belt broke at around 97,000 miles.

The turbo quit working correctly due to lose and old tubing at around a 120,000 miles.

The brakes and calipers went bad and I replaced them at around a 125,000 miles.

The radiator blew at around 137,000 miles and the hole was so big I had to replace it with a new one.

The fuel pump quit working last summer at 157,000 miles.

The back hatch shock quit working correctly in the year 1999.

The passenger door won't open from the outside about half of the time. It started doing that in the year 1997.

At 157,429 miles the head gasket blew. Because of the damage it caused I also had to get a new timing belt, exhaust spring bolt set, alternator belt, new water pump, thermostat, and a heater control valve.

General Comments:

At 13 years old this car is still beating new cars at the stop lights. The exterior and the interior still look almost like the day I got it.

I was told to give up this car over and over again, but I stuck with it, and still my friends beg me to let them drive it for an adrenaline rush!!!

I got this car in 1996 from my brother in prime condition for $3,500.00 A bargain!!

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Review Date: 9th March, 2003