1990 Dodge Daytona ES 3.0L Mitsubishi from North America


The Monster in me


Makes me want to race young guys in their little cars.

General Comments:

I didn't know this about myself - that I am a raving, tire-smoke filled/roaring cabin loving, G monster of a Baby Boomer...

Not until I got this car.

I am one of those "Used To Own A Daytona" kind of blokes. The kind with fond memories (or, are they fantasies) of wild spurts of adrenaline mixed with testosterone as I watch various Lexus, Hondas and other shapely Asian imports shrinking in my mirror. This happened many times, usually after an innocent taunt on the highway, which is where the Daytona shines brightest: 4k - 5k.

I loved to slide ahead at highway speeds and up. It roars, then.

It was a bright "Dodge Green", which is a taunt in itself. Which is why I sold this gem only after three weeks. It was going to get me in trouble, this was clear. Too hot! Too sporty.

This review is more of an epitaph.

- The Mitsu 3.0L is incredibly strong, but not off the line.

- Savage, but manageable.

- Low, flat, it loves corners... you will lose your seat before it loses traction.

- Sexy, but low key.

- Total reliability.

- Tons of room.

- Comfy + cockpit.

- Designed to go up against the 944, which it did quite well.

This beauty from the past is an intersection of the best that Detroit had to offer in those days. And, that is a lot.

I was lucky, I got the unit very cheap.

Knowing the potential of this car for me, I promptly traded it straight across for a 02 Durango. MUCH more like it, for my needs... and risk tolerance.

If you've got a line on one of these non-turbo scapegraces... grab it!

You'll never forget it.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2014

1990 Dodge Daytona Base model 2.5 from North America


Love, love, love this car!


Goes through valve cover gaskets more than the average car. Typical of these cars.

Dodges are quirky with their instrument cluster. This is typical of any Dodge car. Smash the dash and things work.

Upgrade to heavy duty brake pads, and you will not go through them like toilet paper. Changed from OEM to Bendix, not one problem afterwards.

General Comments:

If you do your homework before you buy a car, it will not fail you.

It also helps if you have a great mechanic that has worked on it from day one that you have owned it. It's even better if your father in law is a Dodge mechanic.

Love the idea of the on-board diagnostic codes that even I can read!

Love my Dodges so much, that I bought a 93 Dynasty for my son. Now trying to get a 96 Jeep Cherokee to add to my Dodge lineup.

I had 4 GM motors cars to my one Dodge. Says a lot for them, doesn't it?

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Review Date: 14th August, 2010

1990 Dodge Daytona ES 3.0 from North America


I love these cars, I think that they are the best!


It leaked oil, so replaced the valve gaskets.

It shakes when going down the road, and I have been told by mechanics that the bearings are going out on it.

My left turn signal hardly works.

My odometer quit, but I fixed it.

The vacuum lines have gone bad on my headlights, so when they are turned off, they have to be cranked back down by hand using the emergency knobs.

The fuel pump just went out this last Christmas.

General Comments:

I love the car, and won't trade it for anything else.

I bought a 97 Eclipse RS and I still love the Daytona even more! It seems to be faster.

I own 3 Daytona's including this one, and the problems they all have had are pretty much minor.

My car is tough; I can drive it to college and know that I will get there safe. It has only broken down on me twice, once the battery terminal loosened up and the second time the fuel pump stopped in the middle of the road. Still not much trouble from it.

It is a road hugger I drove it during the winter last year and wasn't even afraid that I would slide off the road. Actually it handles excellent in rain.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2009