1990 Dodge Daytona Shelby 2.5 turbo intercooled from North America


Shelby, enough said!


When I bought the car I decided to rebuild the motor and get it modded up some, but before I did that I had to replace the engine mounts, shocks and struts and repair the power windows.

General Comments:

After putting about $4000 into the car, it's better than brand new. Parts are very cheap for the car so I have replaced just about everything you can.

Stock performance was impressive, but adding a racing cam, porting and polishing, adding a inter-cooler and larger fuel injectors and a flow master exhaust, the car's performance really became something to talk about.

My future mods for the car are to redo the interior, not that it needs it because the car was well taken car of, but I would like to make it look a bit better.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2004

1990 Dodge Daytona Hatchback 2.5 from North America


It sucks


In almost one years time the fuel pump has gone four times. One time was caused by a defect in the pump. Recently it has gone again. The undercarriage is falling apart and you can see my floor boards. Now the head gasket is going at 132,000 odd miles. What next.

General Comments:

If it wasn't for the stuff that is wrong with it, generally it gets me to point A and then to point B.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2004

27th Oct 2004, 00:29

I agree. My Daytona sucks also. Nothing but cooling system problems!! Gages don't work half the time!!! Also head gasket has been replaced and may have to be replaced again.

19th Sep 2006, 10:54

Do you take care of ur car or did you, but it used or was it bought from a personal owner. That might have something to do with it. But then again my dad is a mechanic so my car is always in good machanical condition.

20th Sep 2006, 13:10

LOL! I'm sorry, but your story is funny. LOL Everyone I know that has a Daytona has had nothing, but problems from the beginning. I think they look good they, I like the design of them and the doors especially. It's too bad Dodge didn't put good engineers on the job to keep they from falling apart. Sure wish I could have one, but I learn from other people not too. Sorry you didn't have much luck.

9th Jun 2007, 09:18

To fellow daytona owners, and perspective buyers,

Yes these cars do have their issues, but they are getting long in the tooth. I have 2 one with a t-bar roof and 4 banger and a 1990 with a v-6,with a few upgrades these cars haul butt. as for problems.yes.but I have owned more expensive and fancier cars and had more trouble with them and with many less miles on them as well, these cars are a bargain for their price tag and if you don't neglect them they are a fun car.

2nd Sep 2008, 22:26

My brother owned an '87 Shelby Daytona and I owned an '88. Both were great cars. I traded mine at 100,000 miles in perfect condition. All I ever had to do was replace the warped front brake rotors when the car was new. Chrysler refused to fix it. They are not much on honoring their warranty. My brother drove his 150,000 before trading it for a Mustang GT.

I have always loved the styling of the Daytona and would not mind having another one some day.

1990 Dodge Daytona ES 2.5L 4-cylinder from North America


Tons of good, sporty fun


The headlamps and tail lights did not work, a simple repair fixed that.

The parking brake doesn't work. No problem though, I just park in 1st.

General Comments:

It's a very sporty looking car that handles great, and the manual transmission will get you going in no time.

The car is made to appeal to young people and does not fail. Sporty looks, fun to drive - what more could you ask for at such a cheap price?

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Review Date: 12th April, 2004