27th Feb 2005, 12:43

To the above poster. No offense, but you obviously don't know much about Turbo Dodge's if you've never heard of the Super 60 turbo. It's been out since the 80's!

Also, you can get headers for our Turbo Chrysler's, but they have not been found to give any performance gains.

As far as him keeping up with the 270hp Mustang GT; he didn't say whether it was a manual or automatic. I only have minor exhaust mods done to my Shelby Z and I can keep up with the 260hp Automatic GT. They only run around 14.6 in the quarter, if that. If you're really making 250hp, you shouldn't have much trouble beating a stock 260hp Mustang GT. Gary Donovan (www.thedodgegarage.com) ran a 13.6 with slicks AND a slipping clutch with only 260hp. The 260hp Mustang GT only runs 14.1.

1st Nov 2005, 00:29

The last comment was correct, the Super 60 kit was around a long time.

Forward Motion now sells more advanced stuff than the Super 60 kit. It was only good for 300 hp, and a 300 hp FWD car that weighs 2600 to 2800 lbs, will blow the freaking doors off a Mustang V8, and leave them with their jaw on the ground.

Anyway I just wanted to put up the site for Forward Motion; it's www.forwardmotioninc.com

The other guy forgot the inc. Check em out, they've got up to 500 HP kits with computer management. However I don't recommend this for the street, and it's not reliable either. Keep it around 3 hundred horses and it stays quite reliable.

A Porsche Boxster is only 230 hp and whoops on a V8 Mustang 270 I guess (not a Ford buff). It's not about more HP, it's about putting it to the ground.

I have certain parts for 88 Shelby Z. My email is enlightened_x8@yahoo.com. Hit me up if ya want to know about anything. I know all about these rare beasts.