1999 Dodge Durango SLT V8 518 V8 from North America


A waste of time and money


I now know I am not the only one has suffered the perils of owning a Durango. I have owned this truck for three months and have the privilege of actually driving it for approx. three weeks. It's horrible!

At 63,000 miles my engine grenaded shooting rods through the oil pan, likely due to oil pressure problems several of us owners have had. I replaced the engine which I had paid out-of-pocket, unfortunately I have no warranty, and now the transmission is on the fritz. I must add that the transmission problem happened no less than twelve hours after picking up the vehicle from the engine replacement shop. It's a nightmare! So it sits in my driveway, not able to move, just looking good and wasting time.

I read in someone's review that they had replaced their transmission THREE times. Well, I can't say I'm going to put up with that. A patch and seal job should do the trick, giving me just enough time to drive it to the dealer and trade it in. Even after a $4,300 engine swap and other miscellaneous investments, I'm ready to cut my losses and get a new car. I would rather have a vehicle I could rely on rather that wait it out for the next major problem.

--> Note to self, no more Dodges.

General Comments:

A beautiful truck with skeletons in the closet. Don't trust it.

Durango's do have a very nice infinity stereo package though, a great sound, the guys in the shop will love it.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002

22nd Oct 2002, 15:45

Yeah its called a lawyer. Go after the dealership. They will fold. Call Local News. Dealerships can't have negative feedback on Local TV who would by from them? I wouldn't!

4th Jan 2003, 09:52

I am appalled by the way you say you were treated by the Dodge Dealership.

Did you stop to think about the service intervals prior to your ownership? You obviously have maintained the vehicle according to the Owners Manual, but what about the previous owner.

When purchasing a used vehicle you should always have it inspected by a mechanic that you trust. If the oil has not been changed regularly it is USUALLY evident by looking down into the oil fill hole.

Oil changes are the least expensive maintenance item you can perform on any vehicle and also the most important.

1999 Dodge Durango SLT PLUS 5.2 V8 from North America


Well on its way to maintenance hell!


Excessive oil consumption caused by intake manifold gasket leaks (confirmed at dealer). Collateral impact is fouled spark plugs and subsequent "check engine" light.

General Comments:

Leased this vehicle because I liked the styling.

Gas mileage is pretty pathetic, but I knew this beforehand, and am not complaining.

First major problem (described above) occurred at 21,000 miles. Dealer wanted over $1,000.00 to replace the intake gaskets. Coincidentally, the vehicle is just two months out of warranty (time, not mileage). This is bad luck for me.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2002

1999 Dodge Durango SLT V6 from North America


An expensive and unreliable truck


Within first 10,000 miles; Electrical system shut down several times, coming back alive by itself some time later.

12,000 miles onward; significant oil consumption.

15,000 miles; drivetrain clanking noises.

24,000 miles; excessive steering assembly play, replaced under warranty

35,000 miles; transmission shifting problems, number of transmission related electrical parts replaced under warranty

40,000 miles; oil pressure gauge reading frequently drops to zero then goes back up to normal, engine sump cleaned and oil pressure sender replaced.

47,000 miles; oil pressure gauge reading again frequently drops to zero then goes back up to normal, oil pressure sender replaced again.

50,000 miles; oil pressure gauge reading again drops to zero after running engine few minutes, goes back up to normal when restarting engine only to drop again, oil pressure sender replacement doesn't make a difference. Stopped driving the car completely.

General Comments:

This would be a great car if it was built as tough as it looks. However, too many things go wrong with it, more than any other car I've owned. For example, there is no way the steering assembly should have serious wear within only 15,000 miles.

Service is expensive and the attitude terrible. Changing all the fluids alone (part of 10,000 miles service) cost 700 dollars! No problem is covered under warranty until one makes a big deal about it.

However, if Dodge could get it right and make the car reliable, it would be a great vehicle. The ride is smooth, the power more than adequate, tows great and obviously is at home in snow. The third row seat is the main advantage over other SUVs, and even with that 3rd seat up there is enough space for luggage left.

Bottom line is that until my car's problem gets resolved, I have a huge hunk of metal sitting in the driveway that I can't drive, but still owe more on than it's worth in retail. As soon as it is fixed it's outta here. "Anyone wanna buy a Durango?"

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Review Date: 21st August, 2002

20th Oct 2003, 20:35

We know exactly how you feel. We also have a 99 durango, with the same oil pressure problem. the engine is now knocking, and I assume, it will be thousands to fix it. we have also tried replacing the oil pressure gage. no luck. We will not buy another durango.