2002 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7 Magnum from North America


Quite possibly one of the most unfortunate vehicles Dodge has ever made...


Engine caught on fire after $800 worth of repairs.

Entire motor system succumbed to poor planning.

It is sexy, bold, powerful, strong - and will die on you eventually.

You don't want this vehicle... believe me.

General Comments:

I loved this rig, even though it was a pig.

It did not love me, and had a mind and agenda of its own.

Left me on the highway in 18 degree winter weather, standing there watching it burn and burn.

Through an unscrupulous trader, I got stuck hard.

Make SURE (DEAD CERTAIN) that you do a compression test before buying.

You may want to just skip this vehicle altogether. They are all collapsing under poor planning by now. Any newer ones will quickly die on you.

There are many more better and cheaper rigs.


Don't do it.

Don't buy this model.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2014

2002 Dodge Durango SLT Plus 4.7 liter Magnum Powertech V8 from North America


I'll woop your Civic at the lights


Well in late winter of 09, the washer fluid disconnected and I still need to fix it, but I hear it's a very simple thing.

The brakes aren't the best, but it's a very awesome SUV.

General Comments:

Most people say that they have had several problems with the tranny, engine and other mechanical stuff, which I have not had a problem with at all.

The Durango is very quick in my opinion, especially for an SUV, and I even own a 87 IROC-Z Camaro with tons of power; well it is metal, so it's a lil slower than if it was fiberglass.

I have raced several other cars from fancy to fart packs. Audis, Civics, Benzs, Scions, Impreza WRX STis, Mustangs and a whole lot more, and I haven't lost a race and she is stock with just a 235hp V8.

She is also a a lot more fancier then any other Durango you're going see. She is washed almost daily and she is covered in patriot blue paint with luxury silver trim and Cadillac like black interior with wood accents. I've done just a couple little mods for blue dash lights, chrome exhaust tip, chrome license plates, wood steering wheel cover, piano black GPS not installed. But she is a lot more nicer than any other older car you're going see.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2009

3rd Aug 2010, 11:29

Oh I am sure you will "woop" my Civic in a race. In a race to the mechanic's shop when your engine sludges up and blows!

2002 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7 V8 from North America




I have a 2002 Dodge Durango. My steering wheel had a lot of play in it and was just getting worse. It ended up being that I needed a new sector shaft and I had a loose tie rod end. My mechanic fixed them both and this fixed the steering problem for about $600.

I recently been having a problem with my durango shifting properly. Took it to get diagnosed and the car was stuck in 4th gear and would not shift. It would start out in 4th gear and would shift into overdrive. It ended up being the Power Control Module (PCM). The transmission shop wanted to charge $850 to order and install a new one. That was way out of my budget since I just put $600 into the steering. I went on Ebay and found a re-manufactured one for $199 (Free Shipping) from "All Computers." You give them the year, vin#, and mileage of your vehicle and the flash it and update it for you. It's a very easy install, but I had my mechanic put it in for $85 due to the fact its 5 degrees outside! He installed it for me and fixed all of the problems. My durango has never ran better and getting better gas mileage too. My check engine light has always been on for about a year and the new PCM fixed whatever else was causing the light to come on. My durango rides great now and I saved a ton of money!

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Review Date: 6th December, 2008