2002 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7L from North America


Too costly for what you're getting


The front ball joints are loose and need replacing.

The windshield wipers are very erratic. They stutter and stop on the intermittent settings.

The carpet is cheap grade and is coming out.

General Comments:

The vehicle has lots of power for it's class.

It have a nice throaty exhaust system.

The vehicle seems top heavy or either the suspension is too soft for the vehicle weight.

Must be careful with lane changes or any semi-sudden steering changes because it feels like you're going to loose control.

The seating for 6 (7 if kids) is great.

Very little cargo room with the rear seat up.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2003

27th Feb 2004, 21:29

In general I agree with Steven's comments. Likewise I've had to replace upper ball joints at 77,000 km.

Other gripes include a power driver's seat that won't stop rocking.

In addition, the vehicle pings on all, but 91 octane gas even though the dealer has attempted to adjust the computer a couple of times so that it can run on regular. I should also point out that it gets poor gas mileage even with the good stuff.

While I like the size of the vehicle, I wouldn't recommend it as I believe there are plenty of better choices out there.


2002 Dodge Durango SXT from North America


A $30,000 lawn ornament


I bought a 2003 Dodge Durango in October 2002. There is a constant squeaking noise, which sounds like brake noise. This noise only happens when you are not touching the brakes. Touching the brake pedal stops the noise. It has been to the dealer twice. Each time they listen to it for a minute & disregard my complaint, telling me the noise is normal on all new trucks with 4 wheel disc brakes. (They include other manufacturers in this). They have yet to pull a wheel.

The noise is an embarrassment. I now have a $30,000 lawn ornament because I am ashamed to drive a vehicle that sounds like it is ready to fall apart. I would rather drive my 14 year old car with 165,000 miles than this heap.

Every time I have to drive it, I am terrified the brakes will fail.

I have spoken to a lot of people that own new trucks with 4 wheel disc brakes, both Dodges & others. They all look at me strange, tell me they have never heard of such a thing & that I had better get it checked before the brakes fail, causing an accident.

General Comments:

The interior is nice & it rides comfortably.

However, the dealer won't fix the brake problem.

I don't want to die because the brakes failed.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

29th Apr 2004, 09:24

I purchased a 2003 SXT Durango and have the same problem. It squeaks loudly when I come up to stop lights. I am not sure what the problem is, I intend on taking it to my dealer this weekend.

6th Sep 2006, 17:56

I recently purchased a 2003 Durango SXT and I also have brake problems. The calipers are sticking and sometimes it gets stuck in 4 wheel drive, and the dealers in my area won't fix the problems that should be under warranty, instead they want to charge me for the repairs.

2002 Dodge Durango SXT 4.7 V8 from North America


Great for utility, drives OK, greedy on gas


Back wiper/washer never functioned off the lot. Fixed under warranty.

Within the first 15-20 minutes of driving every morning, the transmission knocks really hard when shifting ever since the weather has been cold.

General Comments:

I love the cavernous cargo space. I always have at least on half of the split-rear seat down, and fill the back with a load every day.

It is the fastest car I have owned (off the line and on the highway), but I have been getting about 12 miles to the gallon at best.

It handles just OK in the snow in 4WD. Shifts into and out of 4WD fast with no problems.

The brakes (not anti-lock) do not stop the vehicle confidently.

A Major Drawback is the windshield and visibility. For such a huge truck, the windshield could be bigger. Also the side columns of the windshield prevent visibility. Many times I have to triple check to make sure they are not obscuring my view of an oncoming car. It is a terrible design flaw.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2003

16th Jun 2004, 11:25

I agree my SXT is a gas hog maybe gets 10 mile to a gallon. Have had it serviced for transmission lockups. Dodge claims they find no failure. Service manager tells me just to floor it. Great then I will be lucky to get 5 mile to a gallon. We are not impressed with its towing capability. The tailgate window is also tinted to dark, have trouble backing up in the dark.

28th Jul 2004, 02:42

I have a 2002 Dodge Durango SXT, 4X4, with Anti-lock brakes on the rear only. I have several times had trouble stopping under panic conditions. The brakes do not lock up, even the front which are not Anti-lock, when needed. The dealers service department said it was normal.

When you hit the brake pedal with both feet and are standing on it, the brakes should lock up and the truck should skid to a stop, not my truck, it just gradually slows down.

22nd Jan 2008, 17:21

I own a 2002 Dodge Durango SXT and get about 14 mpg around town- Highway driving puts me at about 18. Not red-lining it at every stop light and cruising the highways at reasonable speeds keeps me away from the gas station. However, it sounds like the rest of you are carrying heavy loads and towing. I'm doing none of that.