2005 Dodge Durango SLT Hemi from North America


Overall a nice truck, but not built to last


Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

I purchased this car new, and it only has 800 miles on it.

General Comments:

This truck is indeed a truck. We are not very pleased with the overall feel of the vehicle on the road. We are not truck people and we probably won't keep this truck for very long.

The sound system is excellent. We have an infinity surround system on this car, and CD's, radio, etc. sound just simply beyond the norm.

We also have a DVD player installed. This was probably great for our two kids for about the first hour. After that, they were back to "being bored." I would not recommend purchasing this extra, as it really isn't useful. Again, the system itself was excellent, and the sound outstanding. The DVD came with a remote, and one could also control the DVD player by the controls on the steering wheel.

The one thing we absolutely despise about this truck is the interior. It's entirely plastic, save for the leather seats. You would assume that if you purchase leather seats and all the bells and whistles, you would obtain a better interior. But alas, no. The leather seats are nice, but when you're constantly faced (literally) with plastic for an interior (e.g., doors, door handles, dash), it takes away from any comfort one would derive from the seats.

As with any Dodge, cup holders abound, and storage is plentiful. The third row seats fold down quickly for even more storage.

Again, I'll harp on the plastic... this time the exterior. Whenever you close the hatchback on the rear of the truck, you naturally check to make sure this hatchback is secure. Several times I've wondered how long the plastic "chrome" looking handles will hold. A few times, this handle has even creaked as I've "tugged" to make sure I've secured the back. For a truck, you would think that this would be a sturdier feature.

As I drive down the highway, I've noticed that we are higher than the older Durangos. This is a very high riding vehicle. Again, it's a truck, so this is to be expected. I would also expect to find some wind resistance in harsh weather, but have yet to really encounter any.

I would recommend keeping this truck for about 40-50K and then trading it in.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2005

21st Jun 2005, 08:19

If nothing has gone wrong, why do you hate it so much? (aside from the 'plastic.') And since you do hate it so much, why did you buy it?

14th Sep 2005, 00:41

I have a 2001 Dodge Durango and though I feel the dealer ripped me off because my vehicle was slightly used, later to find out it was in fact a previous rental, I must admit I love my Durango. It's so reliable and has great power. I love driving it, I only wish the new ones looked as tough as this vehicle because I already have 95,000 miles on mine and I can't help, but wonder how long it should last me.

2005 Dodge Durango Limited 5.7 Liter Hemi from North America


The best vehicle I have ever owned.


Just some issues with the car sitting on the lot, i.e., minor scratches. Nothing to worry about, the dealer is taking care of it as I write this.

General Comments:

This, by far, is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned. I traded in a fully loaded 2002 Durango SLT for the new Limited. I've owned BMW's, Acuras and Mercedes in the past, but, I can't get over how the Dodge engineers put so much attention to ride, performance and appearance. It is a joy to drive and actually gets better gas mileage than my 2002 Durango.

Especially nice features are the U-Connect Hands Free phone feature, factory installed DVD entertainment system, power sunroof and automatic climate controls. And the Hemi? Forget about it... :-)

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Review Date: 11th May, 2005

2005 Dodge Durango Limited 5.7L from North America


This Durango is great


No Problems.

General Comments:

Shopped several diffrent makes and found this SUV to be the nicest equipped for the money.

Very nice ride for a truck and quiet inside. comfortable seating and power adjustable seats work great. memory feature is great, adjust to driver with keyless entry/alarm activation. will be having the seats programmed for entry and exit adjust next time at dealer.

Integrated telephone feature is very nice. works very well and is easy to use.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2005

2nd Aug 2005, 17:31

My Durango sucks!!! I have replaced the engine twice. Thanks a lot Chrysler!!!

P.S. I forgot now the ac does not work. Great American muscle!!!

6th Sep 2005, 10:19

What year is your Durango?

8th Jan 2006, 21:52

Wow, Mine has been great! I love stomping sports cars with it! Especially the rice. I have been hunting nissan titan and other Asian SUV's and trucks. The nav is great and its nearly as nice as my old BMW (740iL) for ride.