2005 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7 Liter V8 from North America


Love the car, but Dodge needs to increase the warranty length!


The back window on the passenger side doesn't work correctly.

The sun roof squeaks unless you oil it at least once a month.

The speakers suck and Dodge won't replace them, they don't work, just the speakers in the dash and the little ones in the back doors. I'm just annoyed because I complain about one little thing - the speakers of the car, I paid good money for this car, still am for 5 years and I ask if they can replace the speakers and Dodge refused. I'll never buy another Dodge because of the fact that it falls apart.

General Comments:


If the light bulb goes out, you should replace it with a smile! No need to be like that'll be 20 dollar please. If Dodge wants their customer to return, they just need to improve on the warranty, my only complaint as of yet.

Their customer service number treats you very good, they are always so nice and helpful. Best Customer Service! BUT YOUR Warranty SUCKS! k. I'm done complaining.

P.s. It's a gas guzzler at 14mpg.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2006

2005 Dodge Durango ST V8 4.7 from North America


Great SUV... Go get one!!!


Not a single thing..

General Comments:

The Durango is a great SUV. I was hesitant when my husband purchased it because it was larger than my previous vehicle. But I instantly fell in love with it.

The cabin may seem gloomy, but it instantly gets illuminated when dash lights are on.

It has a great deal of foot and head room.

I have driven all around Hawaii.. Stop and go traffic... and not once had to worry if my Durango was "going to make it"

The Durango is a gas sucker, but after installing a Tornado as well as Flowmaster and regular oil changes, I can get at least 400 miles to a tank.

In order to having a "healthy" SUV you need to take care of it. You need to perform regular maintenance checks.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2006

2005 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7 from North America




The interior is one of the cheapest I've ever owned or been in. I had a 2002 Ram and it was much nicer, but burned to the ground due to what Dodge determined as a gas flow vent. Strike one. On the Durango the a/c vents broke, the plastic seat side pieces broke off. The a/c wiring bundle started to burn. The carpet is crappy. The list goes on. I couldn't believe all of this after trying to be loyal to Dodge; I get another piece of crap. I will never own another Dodge vehicle.

General Comments:

On the flip side it did get pretty good mileage and it is a good looking vehicle.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2006

7th Jun 2007, 16:10

This truly sounds like he bought a "flood car", one that was damaged in Katrina, hauled on a flatbed to another state and sold as "Used" with no comment of "reconstructed" on the title.

I get 15.7 MPG consistently from my Hemi and the interior, accessories, Satellite radio, everything is first-class and a genuine pleasure. I had a '65 1/2 ton carryall 25 years ago that I really enjoyed, but this 2004 is way better!

My advice? Get a different Durango and better luck next time.

10th Mar 2008, 20:09

My opinion as a owner junk junk junk.

16th Feb 2012, 11:51

I agree I bought a used 2005 Limited with 4.7.

First it was a manifold gasket. Thankfully the dealer replaced it, then the other side went. I replaced myself; broken studs, and all the front end started to rattle over bumps in the front. Nobody seems to be able to figure out why. Maybe it has something to do with the whining noise it makes under hard acceleration.

The right rear door speaker is blown, and when you start it for the first time every day, the oil light comes on and the lifters make noise until the engine finally lubricates, due to the oil pickups being located in the rear of the engine. No wonder this engine is being discontinued, and furthermore junk, junk, junk.