16th Aug 2004, 08:01

My Dodge Durango (2001 4.7 with 95000 km) had started to shake and vibrate at the stoplight. I added 1 STP fuel injector cleaner on 3/4 tank of fuel and this problem went away. the rpm would not go to 500, as it did before, it idles at about 600-650 now.


18th Mar 2012, 16:01

Own a 2001 SLT Durango black.

Had the ECM and PCM reprogrammed in 2009 re TSB

I have NO electrical problems whatsoever, every single light knob and switch in the truck works as new.

Zero drive line problems. Zero engine problems. 4.7L.

Not one wear mark or paint chip anywhere, and no trim failures.

It's currently at 298.000KM, and runs constantly at 14-24 MPG.

I have owned it three years, and ALL the equipment is OEM original equipment, including the battery, AC charge (killer cold, both front and rear); I live in a desert BTW.

No front end problems, no trans problems, keep two sets of tires, winter and summer, and swap them properly all the time.

I have changed only the rotors and pads to upgrade the brakes for my liking ONE time in 120.000KMs

Engine feedback instruments all work as new, including center console engine computer.

It has all original bulbs as well; it's never even burned a bulb.

It is the AWD/FT 4WD electric selector transmission; again, just perfect like new always.

So one flash for the ECM PCM modules and one set rotors and pads, and it's ALL stock. ZERO problems coming up on 300.000KM, and there is still not one single problem with ANY feature option or part on the entire truck, go figure.

I DRIVE my truck on road, off road, and daily as well. It's not hidden in a heated garage; you can tell by the mileage.

Would I buy another one, absolutely if they made them as well as the 2000-2001, however they do not; how sad.

The leather, tint, electric everything, heated mirrors and glass, 8 way power seats and AC just make it all seem almost too nice. It drives like a large performance car as well again; odd, but it does.

I have owned and driven over 100 makes and models, and this is the first one that EVER had NOTHING burn out, fail, fade, or outright break. The ONLY one.

Do I like it, YOU bet, will I sell it, NEVER. At this rate it will go 700.000KM; throw an engine in, and repeat 5 years from now.

Now try that with ANY other make or model. I don't care how much you paid for it.

I've owned 5 S Class Mercedes, and this is just as nice, but does not remortgage your home when you need it service/repaired.

I have had about 200 bucks total regular maintenance in 4 years, including brakes. :)


11th Aug 2013, 11:43

Bought a 2001 Durango in 2003 with 44,915 miles. Currently at 199,150 miles. Considering I have had this SUV for 10 years, I am very pleased with its performance and minor maintenance costs.

Issues over the years:

2005. Fan-clutch replacement.

2007. Clock-switch.

2012. Transfer case module. Would not shift into 4x4. Live in Minnesota... sort of important. Cost via Ebay $114. Whereas Chrysler would charge $423. Had a local garage install it... problem solved.

2012. Suddenly began to hesitate. Replaced throttle position sensor. Simple fix, I spent 10 minutes max and $32 at Napa for part.

2013. Oil gauge drop in pressure at idle. No noises such as banging... engine bearing or ticking lifter issues. So replaced the oiling sending unit. Still the problem remained. Checked the after market unit and it was defective. Replaced with a factory part... problem solved.

Have been using synthetic oil for the past 50k. Check all fluid levels at each gas fill-up. Also, have used Sea Foam to prevent sludge build-up. I hope to run this vehicle up to 300k :)