4th Feb 2012, 13:29

My wife and I just fell in live with a 99 Durango. It rides so nice, great towing capabilities, excellent options, just seems to be a really nice rig overall.

We have looked at all its competitors, just no comparison to what we are looking for. We made an offer on it, I hope we have made a good decision to buy this 99 Durango.

I got curious about reviews. Started looking on Internet, and have read lots of reviews on it. I read of someone having the same issues. They stated that they replaced the ground eyes at the alternator (apparently there is three grounds for the main items of the rig) and never had another issue with it. This is a simple fix that anyone can do fast and cheap.

Like I said, it's the only fix that seemed to work... that I have read about. I hope this works for you. I hope I'm not making a huge mistake with buying a 99 Durango.

10th Feb 2012, 23:48

I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I would like to know if it's the comp connectors or the connections on the PCM itself? I am at the point where I too am looking to try and fix this very same issue. Was your fix successful?



27th Feb 2013, 00:07

I have replaced every sensor, plug, wire, coil, fan, clutch, blade, the battery and alternator; EVERYTHING but the PCM. Mainly because 1. It costs the most. And 2. I have been reading forums about people replacing it 3 times with the same issue.

I have regrettably, with a lot of patience and money, worked through the process of elimination, and am coming to the conclusion that it's my PCM. I know that with the Internet today we all jump online and read forums, which is good and bad, because we look for the cheap and quick fix. I have done the 3 inch flex for added airflow, and created an air box to cool and popped the hood with the latch intact. It does help.

Having a huge sound system was a possible issue, thinking the vibration caused the connections to fail, but I went a week with the amps disconnected. I have unbolted the PCM and let it hang over the fender with the hood closed, so heat wouldn't get to it, and that actually helped. I'm going to break down and buy a new PCM with new thicker pins, and hope for the best.

27th Feb 2013, 15:44

The Durango is a very good vehicle. Usually very solid and reliable. In 2003 when my wife wanted a new SUV, we test drove the Durango along with several other domestic SUV's and some truly awful import models. At the time I owned a Dakota, which the Durango was then based on.

After comparing all of them, we opted for the GMC Envoy. With the base 6, it had more power and was faster than either the V-8 Durango or Ford Explorer. It was also much better riding, and we have found that it gets much better fuel mileage than our V-6 Explorer.

We now have 114,000 miles on the Envoy, and have done absolutely nothing except replace the battery twice, and replace the original Michelin tires at 85,000 miles. The original brake pads are less than half worn out.

These vehicles can be purchased used in very good condition at a very good price. A couple of our friends have bought them based on our excellent experience.

The Durango is a good vehicle, but after driving an Envoy for ten years with zero problems, I recommend taking a look at them.

7th Mar 2013, 16:51

You have to replace the computer. You can find them online for under 200 bucks. Make sure you get a warranty and they ask for your VIN, so it will work in your vehicle too.

7th May 2015, 05:25

Did your truck start after you installed the PCM?