8th Sep 2004, 16:51

I have had my 99 Durango for a year now. I have had it in the shop 3 times for the brakes. It is doing the same thing yours is. They can never find a problem with them. My dad is a mechanic and says there is something wrong with the brakes, but he cannot find the problem. This is the same thing 2 different Dodge dealers have told me. If you find anything out, please let us know. I have called Dodge many times regarding this problem.

31st Mar 2005, 08:47

I first came across this web site a month after I bought a 1999 Dodge Durango. It was a lease turn in with 60,000 miles. I prayed that I would not join the ranks of people who have experienced troubles with the Dodge Durango. But sadly I have now joined them with a blown engine at 72,000 miles. Here is all that I have gone through in the 4 months that I have owned it. 11/2004 purchased 1999 Dodge Durango. 12/2004 serpentine belt goes. 02/2005 oil pressure gauge starts fluctuating from 0 to over 40. we do complete oil change seems to help for a week or so. Then in the beginning of March oil pressure gauge starts again. We replaced the oil sending unit and did another oil change this time use oil for high mile vehicles. The Dodge ran great for almost 3 weeks, until 03/28/2005 on my way home from work the gauge dropped to 0 and within seconds the engine was gone. It is now sitting in the shop getting a new jasper engine at the cost of $3700.00. I am completely heart broken, but have no choice, but to keep the car. It would have cost me too much to try and get rid of it and purchase something else. Why can't we get something done about this? If I had known of these problems I would have never bought the car.

Amy Nalley

Turners Station, Kentucky.

25th Apr 2005, 18:14

Has anyone tried to have the brake cylinders on each wheel replaced. I just thought this might help with all the durango brake problems.

14th Nov 2005, 03:11

I have a 1999 Dodge Durango and have experienced the exact same problems, both on the road and with Dodge maintenance departments. I have come close to rear ending another car maybe 10 times and have just learned to really anticipate and drive carefully. It's those unexpected emergency situations that get scary. Mechanics can't find anything wrong. It amazes me that this is not a recall situation. I've had recalls for windshield wipers, but this brake thing is either no big deal or just in our heads???

10th Dec 2005, 01:16

We bought our 99 Dodge Durango with only 600 miles on it. Six months after we had it, we began having problems with it. As others have stated, we had problems with the oil gauge going from 40-0. We would take it to the dealership and they would change the oil sensor or make other changes to "temporarily" fix it. Finally after 2 years of this we were told that our engine was fixing to blow and it was due to us not changing the oil every 3,000 miles, even though we had receipts to prove the oil changes. They voided our warranty and yes we put a new engine in our NEW Dodge Durango. We also continue to experience the brake problems and reported it time and time again with a response of "could not duplicate problem". Has anyone else experienced battery change after battery change year after year! I bought a 1995 reconditioned vehicle that has ran better than this poor vehicle. And yes! We have filed complaints with Daimler Chrysler, BBB and the Dealership to no avail. BUYERS BEWARE!!!

17th Feb 2006, 08:46

I have a 2005 Dakota SLT and had brake problems. When slowing down from high speed vehicle starts to vibrate.

Took it in several times for repairs and rotor, drums replaced with no effect. Now the dealer is trying to state that towing has affected the vehicle. Any comments.

17th Feb 2006, 14:31

Calipers? Align the wheels? When slowing down, does the shudder happen with brakes on or when just coasting?

If coasting, it might be the tranny or something. Wheel bearings, check those too. But if its with brakes on, then its probably the brakes.

10th Mar 2006, 20:24

Okay now this is weird. All you other Durango owners are complaining of brake failure soon after purchased. I've had my Durango for almost a year now and it's a 99. I have had absolutely no braking problems whatsoever. All I've ever done with the brakes is put new brake pads on myself! Sounds like I must've gotten the 1 peach in the whole bag of lemons!

17th Mar 2006, 04:08

I've had my 1999 Dodge Durango for 4 years now and have 117,000 miles and never had any of these problems. Maybe you all should really get your vehicles worked on by someone other than the factory or mechanic friends.

1st Dec 2006, 20:06

I have a 99 Durango and consider myself to have an excellent grasp of how brakes and hydraulic systems should work. There is something VERY weird that happens when I try a fast stop. With hard steady pressure on the brake pedal the brakes will not immediately engage. This of course is not how anti-lock brakes, or any other brakes SHOULD work. They then will engage and the truck comes to a rapid stop. The pause is frightening and dangerous. The first time it happened, I stopped a few inches from the car in front of me. I am bringing it back to let the dealer check it out. Pads and rotors are not the issue and calipers are not hanging. Brakes work as they should for normal or moderate stops. Hard braking is the issue. Something in the booster/master/equalizer/anti-lock circuit is VERY wrong. Stan.

3rd Dec 2006, 07:51

My wife owns a 2001 Durango SLT. It did have problems with the brakes, but nothing like described here. She has three problems with the brakes, but none of them are catastrophic. The rotors warped. This isn't uncommon at all. The brakes feel dead and not responsive, but she can brake. It takes a lot of foot pressure, but she can make it happen when this happens. The third thing is the antilock doesn't work. Just last night I verified this when driving it and I hit a patch of ice. Nadda. Thankfully I know how to drive a car and pumped the brakes and nothing bad happened.

Two months ago I replaced the rotors and pads on the front brakes because of the warped rotors. I cleaned everything up nicely and took care to lube the caliper slide. The brakes have been perfect since. They are very responsive. My conclusion is something with the pads used in the original equipment doesn't bite the rotors like they should. I'd replace them.

Oh.. I had planned to flush the brake fluid too suspecting it had taken on too much water, but after the new pads and rotors I've concluded it isn't related to the dead braking.

For all you you that hate this product.. you won't find a perfect car regardless of brand. But.. some brands do have their weaknesses and strengths. If new rotors and pads gets you a perfect car... isn't that a cheap and easy fix?