1st Dec 2009, 18:23

I also own a 98 Durango that seemed to have good brakes new, but at 100,00 miles on it I rear ended a beamer and I had plenty of room to stop. If I try to do a brake stand, the truck will just roll forward, and I replaced the booster, master cylinder, all brake pads, both brake calibers and both rear cylinders, proportioning valve, rotors with slotted holes, and bled system 20 times. Had a mechanic bleed it to just to make sure brakes aren't bled different now, and still won't stop good at all in an emergency. So I like the other guy, keep a far distance between me and the car in front; it's the bad drivers that cut you out that I worry about.

My next step is to disconnect the RWAL system and try that, or see if I can fit a 2003 front spindles, and all because that year they put dual pistons in the front brake calipers. You would think they knew there was a problem!!!

5th Apr 2010, 22:00

I have had problems with the rear brakes sticking on the rear of my 98 Durango. After replacing shoes, drums, wheel cylinders. I replaced the rear flexible brake line that goes from beside the frame rail to the rear axle. This fixed my sticking brakes.

23rd May 2010, 22:18

I can't believe what I just read. I bought a 1999 Durango in Feb 2007. I have had brake problems every year. Last month in April, I had a Mercedes cut in front of me. Needless to say the stop light turned red and the Durango would not stop in time, and I tapped the back end of the beautiful Benz sedan. Luckily, no damage. Just a love tap!

Finally, now the brakes have all but gone kaput! Yesterday, I had to put my foot to the floor. I am going to show my mechanic all these previous emails and see what he thinks. I don't think it's worth fixing and it certainly is extremely dangerous. I just want to get rid of this Lemon before it kills me and my 12 year old son.

Nice looking truck, but will never buy another Dodge/Chrysler.

11th Jun 2010, 22:04

2001 Dodge Durango... Rear brakes locking up...

I just worked on a friend's 2001 Durango. You had to push hard to get the brakes to slow down the vehicle. When the brakes did start to slow, all of the sudden the rear brakes would lock up. No ABS light on or motor sound. I removed the rear brakes to check the shoes and found that the self adjuster pawl wasn't in contact with the adjuster wheel. Since I wasn't the one that installed the brakes, I wasn't sure how it got this way. I found a diagram and everything looked to be in place. I did move the adjuster cable guide clockwise and it took the slack out of the cable, which put the adjuster pawl in contact with the adjuster wheel like it should be, and adjusted the brakes, and all is fine now. I was told that the rear brakes were replaced about two months ago, so time will tell if the self adjuster operates as needed.

15th May 2011, 19:50

I live in Downers Grove Ill. I can reside on your problems, I replaced both drums-hardware kit and wheel brake cylinders with new drums. My ABS light shows a code for rear axle sensor for ABS. My Durango has 131,000 on it. Over 12 certified mechanics looked at this vehicle. They're puzzled. Some of these mechanics change the front valve, flushed brake fluid, thought system change brake sensor by master cylinder and it still has the same problem. They can't believe that a sensor problem can stop pressure from returning back from the rear brakes, (they hold pressure and don't release when your foot's off the pedal).

31st May 2011, 14:12

I recently had the exact problem you are experiencing. It's the brake lines that run along the frame from the back. They are in sections, and can be replaced. It's not easy, but it did solve my problem. If you do get it back from the shop and they didn't say anything about the lines, you should be concerned. This is a standard problem with the Durango. They have made the brake systems better since then, but for now, be safe and replace the lines BEFORE they blow. Hope this was helpful.

18th Oct 2011, 14:22

I had the same problem with the noise. I took a pair of pliers and bent the backing plate away. Just a bit. Never heard the noise again.

2nd Oct 2012, 11:51

You aren't the only one who got a peach! My 1999 Durango is almost at 200k!! I am ashamed to say this, but I haven't taken very good care of her at all! No regular oil changes... have to get new tires about every 4-5 years or so, maybe replacing one here and then. Second time ever to have to change the brakes!! I LOVE my Durango, but sorry to say it's about that time. I just don't know really what a fair price would be! <3.

14th Mar 2015, 19:38

Could it be the wheel cylinder?