1999 Dodge Durango SLT 5.2L from North America


Good reliable truck


Transmission went at 154,000 miles.

Otherwise very reliable.

Have wandering miss in the motor now. Original spark plug wires so am going to replace them over the weekend and see if that fixes the problem.

General Comments:

Very comfortable SUV.

Problem with transmission is that cooler is in the radiator, has small passages, and clogs up cooking the transmission (according to the folks who sold me the used replacement transmission). I had my mechanic install an aftermarket performance cooler and hope the problem will be solved.

Gas mileage is about 17.5 miles per gallon in mixed driving. Not too good, but not too bad for a V8 SUV.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2004

27th Oct 2004, 12:02

Wow, that is a lot of miles on the "D". Have you done anything special to keep it running? I am encouraged after reading many of the other post then reading yours. I currently have a 99 SLT with 74,000 miles. It runs great with no major problems. I would love to run it to around 150,000-170,000 thousand miles if I can. Any suggestions?

8th Nov 2004, 09:33

Have you done anything to boost your gas millage? I have a 1999 SLT that has 121000 miles on it and my gas mileage is down to 10.3. The truck was bought used at 70,000 miles and since then, it has nothing, but highway miles on it. Going to the pump is a killer. So I was wondering if there is anything you have done to alter the gas millage.

9th Nov 2004, 13:56

Great Miles on your "D". I am also encouraged by this and hope to run mine to around 170-180,000 miles. It currently has 73,000 now. It's running strong and smooth without any problems. Anything special that you have done? I keep mine clean and serviced regularly. I hope that is enough. It sad to hear so many problems that people report, but it's great information also.

1999 Dodge Durango SLT 5 L from North America


Worst purchase of my life


My engine light came on after a month of ownership.

Brake lights indicator on dash is on and won't turn off.

Oil light is on.

Oil pressure gauge is jumping from max to zero.

Audible alert chimes every two minutes.

General Comments:

Don't make the same mistake as I did. Don't Buy a Dodge, Durango. Or any Dodge for that matter.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004

1999 Dodge Durango SLT from North America


A liability


My ABS light and brake light will not go off.

The engine light is now on.

It stalls at low speeds.

The speedometer is not working and registering speed.

A diagnostic shows it is the speed sensor defective.

General Comments:

The car keeps stalling when the engine light is on. I keep reseting it, but it will go on after a few drives and stall again. Can a car stall from a defective speed sensor?

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Review Date: 14th July, 2004

1999 Dodge Durango SLT 5.9 V8 from North America


Great workhorse


The complaint that I have is the visibility at intersections. With the large mirrors and the larger post, you need to take a double look at intersections.

General Comments:

We purchased this Durango to pull a larger camper. We got rid of our pop-up camper and bought a 23' Jayco 23B with a GVW of 4950. The Durango has been great for pulling the camper and has lots of room for all the stuff that we bring along.

Currently we have over 53,000 miles on it and still have the original Goodyear Wrangler tires. I plan on replacing them before winter hits.

Great interior! We have the leather seats, which are very comfortable. Awesome sound system.

I would buy another one in an instant!

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Review Date: 12th July, 2004

1999 Dodge Durango SLT 5.2 gas from North America


$32,000 Death Trap!


18,000 miles Brakes failed to stop wife quickly and she rear-ended another car. Dealer checked car when they repaired it and found nothing wrong. Come to find out the rear brakes were not coming on at all at times. She had complained about the brakes intermittently not stopping correctly a couple of times, but they finally failed on me at around 20000 miles and I started to raise heck with the dealer. They could find nothing wrong and said the computer showed no failures! They replaced anti-lock brake valve and said to try again. On the way home I coasted through a stop sign and turned around and took it back! The service manager tried and tried to get it to fail after I left and finally it failed. They replaced the equalizer valve and said they had it fixed. Within a week it failed again. The service Manager called a factory rep who had him reprogram the computer. To make this short, 3 Factory reps, one dealer reneging on his statement of not to worry about soon to run out warranty, and the brakes still failing I had a local mechanic look at it. He found no problem, but installed grooved super rotors and nascaar pads so car would stop. The only problem I have now is when I back boat down ramp I have to slightly put emergency brake on or back brakes don't come on and you slide on ramp. I have talked to several other 1999 dodge Dakota and Durango owners who experienced this same problem and even read an article in a popular camping magazine. I'll never buy another Diamler-Chrysler product again. I did file a formal govt report on this situation!

General Comments:

Never had problems with Chrysler warranty and have owned a few until now. The attitude was, whenever it fails enough we can find the problem we will repair it. Final factory rep canceled any furthur warranty and told me they would charge me for any further diagnostics.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2004

6th Jul 2004, 21:53

Well first of all I am an auto mechanic who is certified by the state of Michigan in brakes and what you have just said makes no sense. If you have a problem with your ABS system it automatically shuts the ABS system down has no other effect on your brakes. Normal breaking is unaffected if there is a problem in your ABS.