25th Mar 2006, 20:19

As said before in this thread the 2005 is Second Generation and most of the major issues of the First Generation have been repaired.

29th Mar 2006, 07:37

The exact reason we purchased an '05 Durango. Therefore, you can understand our frustration!...so is it your opinion we have a lemon?

31st Jul 2006, 12:15

Too bad... I was going to buy a 05 model and had no idea about all of the problems. Glad I did a search!!

18th Jan 2007, 15:46

I agree that most of these complaints seem to be about the first generation of Durango's. The 5.9 L V8 seemed to have numerous problems. I'm buying a 2005 and hope that it goes well.

To those who trying to bash dodge: I'm a loyal ford man. I've never bought a vehicle for my self or my wife that wasn't a ford product. They are very reliable and I love them. However, the recent merge that brought together Daimler-Chrysler has increased dodge quality. I believe that in the years to come, the reliability of Dodges and Chrysler's will go up.

If you do research on any vehicle you will find people that have had problems. Some of them major such as transmission and engine. This is why there are warranties on vehicles. The manufacturing quality on newer cars is unbelievable. Most companies don't even have transmission dipsticks because they believe the transmission is reliable enough to not require checking. Many are even sealed units that require a professional mechanic to work on. I like to do all the work on my vehicle myself, so I'm not sure about that one.

Anyway, plastic is best to decrease weight and it is actually more durable than most materials. Leather will scratch and split and metal surfaces tend to get dings and odd coloring. Personally, I think that the plastic in the new dodges is very high quality.

In terms of ride, why did you buy an SUV if you didn't want that kind of ride? Most SUV's are built on truck frames and ride like trucks. The new Durangos are some of the few SUV's that are not built on a truck frame. Hence, the ride should be nicer.

You should try a Pacifica or a Freestyle. They have lots of room and ride really nice. Trade in the Durango for a Pacifica asap.

15th Mar 2007, 20:03

I just bought a 2000 Durango with a 5.9 liter.

While I really like it I have problems.

Yes, I found out how much the salesman at the dealership can to lie right to my face, but that's besides the point of things not working that I asked about and was told "ya, work's great".

My "tow package" that makes it run up to 3000 RPM before shifting to 2nd is because 2nd gear is out of it.

With a lot of research I find out this transmission was used only one year and has big problems so if your looking at one, take it to a trany shop or any shop before you buy it.

For me, I'm stuck because dealership doesn't care and with no money to have it rebuilt I am going to try myself. If anyone has any leads on a good rebuild manual I'd love to here from you.

16th Mar 2007, 15:05

I would really advise against doing that, unless you want a lawn ornament that will never move under its own power again. A transmission from 1970 was incredibly complex, and they have only gotten worse. Leave transmission rebuilds to a trusted professional.

However, you might try simply replacing the filter and changing the fluid (use correct type). Also, get a Haynes Manual and see if there might be another cause for the shifting problem, such as a bad sensor, or computer needing to be reset.

4th Jun 2007, 21:08

I purchased a 2005 Durango SLT in Feb. and really liked it. Now I hate it since then it has been in the shop 4 times with problems that no one can see. I have been a stop lights, stop signs the SUV will start to surge then eventually kill, fortunately it started right up. The dealership said that there is nothing wrong with the truck. On another occasion drive a speed of about 30-40 the truck just killed on me (IN A RAIN STORM AT NIGHT). On three different occasion I have turned to wheel to make a turn and the steering wheel has locked up and brake pedal very hard. Once again I was told there was nothing wrong with the truck. I was told that I must have hit the keys with my knee while driving and it turned the SUV off. Now that gave me a good laugh. Now I have complained to the dealership, mechanics, dodge website and office, not a thing has been done yet. I truly believe that the certified checklist is a BS term because they don't check their cars.

25th Jun 2007, 16:04

2006 Dodge Durango SLT - a little over 10000 miles. Been to Urse Dodge in Fairmont, WV on three different occasions. Urse has been great to work with, even on this fourth visit. Same scenario as I read about. We experienced the loss of power and braking issue, they replace a fuel sensor and/or circuit board. This time though they'll need to address the braking system again. On three different occasions, while applying the brakes, it felt like pressure being forced back up on the pedal and after almost standing all the weight on the brake pedal, it seems like the vehicle is going to stop and WHAM, the pressure releases and the entire vehicle lunges forward!! This is pretty scary considering most stops occur at an intersection. I'll keep the faith in Urse and try to respond back on what they find out. Hopefully good news.

7th Nov 2007, 08:47

I purchased a 2005 Durango SXT last year.its been a great ride except for the A/C stopped working,the blower works, but blows warm air, the compressor is not kicking on.. other than this completely reliable so far.

2nd Mar 2008, 20:39

We have a 2005 4.7L 4x4 edition durango and no problems until we hit 30k... Now first the EGR valve was bad cool covered by warranty. Have not had the next major issued addressed yet as it will be tomorrow. We have a brake light switch issue as well as surging and cutting off while coming to a stop in reverse. Any thoughts or previous problem solvers would be greatly appreciated.

Rcvryking@aol.com is my email address thank you.

9th Mar 2008, 15:04

Sounds like too me that the second generation of Dodge Durangos have a much scarier problem with stopping and surging, than the engine and transmission problems of the earlier Durangos.

I purchased our 2000 Dodge Durango with 38000 or so miles, and have not had any problems until recently with 76000 miles on it. Door Regulator for driver side window broke, power lock for rear passenger side door went out, and steering is getting very sloppy.

Battery cables have been a problem several times. Not to mention with gas prices so high that the 5.9L V8 sure drains the dollars from your pocket.

17th Mar 2008, 19:19

The worst truck built in the USA, and the poorest customer complaint service. They act like they are hiding something, and never answer the questions where major problems are concerned with this vehicle.