1997 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 3.0L V6 from North America


Not reliable after 100,000 miles!


Serpentine belt problems.

Clock-spring broke.

Windshield Wipers go on themselves.

Transmission wearing.

General Comments:

The main problem I have had on this vehicle is the Serpentine Belt. We have replaced it 12 times over the four years We have owned it. Over the last four months it has been replaced three times and just broke again yesterday. We had it fixed once by the dealer for over $500.

Also the transmission has started shifting very roughly. We had the Transmission fluid and filter changed about 5,000 miles ago, but it didn't help.

We are now looking at selling/trading in this vehicle because it isn't dependable anymore.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2004

9th Nov 2005, 10:44

I have a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan, and the only thing that has went wrong was it was the altanator.That's it. I bought the Van with 2,500miles on it. Besides getting the oil changed the altanator was it. It now has I think 125,000 Miles on it. And it still rides like the day I got it..

10th Apr 2006, 22:18

Is it possible that the harmonic balancer is bent causing the serpentine belt to shred all of the time.

1997 Dodge Grand Caravan LE 3.3 Liter V6 from North America


Perfect Family Hauler


Power Steering Pump - Replaced for around $400.

Windshield wipers intermittently run - Replaced switch myself for around $50.

Digital gauges occasionally lockup - haven't fixed yet, but just remove fuse for them and they reset to work like normal (A nuisance, but I can work around)

EVAP Solenoid went bad (Caused SES light) - Replaced solenoid for around $30 (Myself)

Serpentine Belt kept falling off when we hit water/snow/slush. This started with the Power Steering pump replacement. We went through the dealer several times on this one - no fix was ever offered... They replaced the tensioner, some bracket for the idler pulley, power steering pump, belt, and no luck. I finally found a fix on my own which I will be happy to share with anyone who would like to contact me DIRECTLY at btibert@gra.midco.net - I replaced the Serpentine pulley with a GM model (Same bearing & dimensions) - cost around $50 but made my van drivable for my wife.

General Comments:

I love this van. Even with its faults. Comfort is exceptional, heating/air conditioning work excellent. Size is perfect, easy to get around with, Good performance, LE is the way to go - Infinity stereo works great. 30+ MPG at 55MPH regularly. (Verified against computer and tanks of gas). Ride is still excellent at almost 90K miles.

Drove an 03 Town and Country to consider a trade up, but definitely not worth the $$$ - Features are mostly the same - I don't need heated leather, electronic climate control, etc. for $20000 over mine. - I think they are undervalued and I will be happy to run mine until it dies.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2004

1997 Dodge Grand Caravan LE 3.8 Liter V6 from North America


Not a quality car to buy


Lost battery at 5000 miles, replaced under warranty no cost to me.

Wipers came on when turn signal was used. Replaced multi function switch still under warranty no cost me.

Replaced starter motor at 53000, cost me 500 dolors.

Rear break drum replaced along with master cylinder.

General Comments:

It is great van for about 5 year and it is becoming a money pit now.

It is not reliable any more.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2003

1997 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 3.3 from North America


A money pit


Radiator, water pump, front left axle, transmission, struts, stabilizer bar, power door locks, power window switch, air conditioner needs recharge, and now a big leak from who knows where. The carpet is saturated.

General Comments:

This van has cost me way too much money in repairs.

Since the June of 2002, when I paid it off, I have been paying repair bills. All this started at 54,000 miles.

I am so disgusted with this van. Never will I buy another Chrysler product. It seemed too good to be true, and then everything broke loose.

I wanted a good running van that I could enjoy after paying it off.

The front axle should not have gone. We could have been killed; that broke with no warning at 78,000 miles.

Lucky for us, we were pulling out of a gas station when that broke, and tore up the transmission case also. Had to replace it with a rebuilt one thru Chrysler, and now that one is slipping. Chrysler, I hope you can sleep at night, because I can't.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2003

6th Feb 2006, 21:50

The leak is a clog in you're a/c evap drain...

13th Nov 2011, 13:02

Why are you complaining about your Caravan? The last car you had was a Tempo, which was one of the largest embarrassments in automotive history, not to mention they were terribly unreliable. I would say this review is unfounded!