19th Jul 2003, 00:48

As owner of a 1998 Grand Caravan, bought new for the safety of my wife and kids, I have had to re-install the serpentine belt 6 times due to it slipping off during heavy rains. After the first incident, I now keep an emergency side-of-the-road repair kit consisting of a flashlight, extra belt, a 15 mm wrench for the tensioner pulley, a towel (it's always raining when I have to fix it) and some Orange Go-Jo hand cleaner for when I'm done. (rain washes it off) I've already taken it to the dealer to be looked at and they gave us a new belt, now that warranty is up, it's happened three times in two weeks. After reading your comment on no concern from Dodge, I think it's time to check out a Honda or Toyota. I've always owned American, but I'm tired of all the repairs!!

24th Jan 2004, 17:19

I own a 1999 Dodge Caravan and we love it. I think that you can run into trouble no matter what you buy. This is the second Dodge Caravan I have owned and haven't had any trouble with either of them. Sorry you didn't have good luck with yours.

5th Mar 2004, 15:26

I bought my 1992 Dodge Caravan with 50,000 miles on it. It has 150,000+ miles on it now. It had just had a new transmission put in it when we purchased it at approx 3 years old. We had to have the transmission replaced under extended warranty. Since the extended warranty ran out we have had the transmission re-built and it is slipping badly now. We constantly have to replace the brakes and have had the ABS pump replaced twice under warranty and it is again showing signs of trouble. It developed a wobble in the front end and after many changes of tire types and brands and the replacing of the constant velocity joints (tie rod ends?) it still has a severe wobble in the front end. Just yesterday the bearing went out of the airconditioning motor. I love driving my van, but will not replace it with another Chrysler van if at all possible.