13th Mar 2007, 14:09

I own a 2001 chrysler voyager, spent more time down than any vehicle I ever owned combined, WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK, I hope they spent my purchase money for this vehicle wisely because I would NEVER buy one of their vehicles again, by the way did I forget to mention I am a mechanic, thanks for letting me vent.

17th May 2007, 09:28

Dodge: Never again.

My 2001 Dodge Caravan (now nearing 70000 well cared for miles) just got back from another trip to the shop.

Last week I took it in for brakes, found out the computer, oxygen sensor were all bad, needed fixing, that along with front suspension parts that were in horrible shape, the total bill with all misc expenses: $1700.

I get the car back, now none of the interior lights or the rear-window wipers work. I took it in this morning, they charged me $100 to re-program the computer.

I argued that since they had reset the computer the last visit, this must have had something to do with it, they argued no and said that I would have to pay for the repairs, that it must have just been a coincidence. Yeah, right.

So far I think I've sunk nearly $5000 into this piece of crap, and finally have had enough.

In addition to similar air conditioning problems as mentioned here, mine completely blew-up. Turned on the A/C, smoke poured from under the hood, all good fun.

What else, front windshield wiper motor seems to be going, the auto rear-lift gate has been repaired a few times, not working again...

I will never consider Dodge again, will always recommend against them to anyone who will listen.

The initial year or so was good, it was a nice car, still looks good, but I can't rely on this anymore at only 70,000 miles. I've had cars well into 100,000+ miles with very few fixes other than normal maintenance.

GM is no better, my wife's car has been nothing but trouble.

I've made the decision, never again will I buy from an American car company. 10 years ago, I would have never even considered that, but when all I hear about from the owners of Toyota, Honda, Nissan are good things, well it's time that I join that club.

22nd May 2007, 15:30

I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan. I bought the extended warranty and paid an extra 1800 for it.

Since the day we bought the van at 33,000 miles, the car has always jerked. I tried to explain this to the dealer, they said it was a coincidence, you need new tires.

At 77,000 miles, my air stopped working. 8 trips later and 5,000 charged to my extended warranty, it was fixed.

Now we are at 117,000 miles and the fuel injector is totally messed up. We are having to replace the computer and the housing for the fuel line is shot-So far about $1200.00, I hope this fixes it. I have always been scared of the words new transmission or new engine. These are minor in cost compared to the other crap that you have to pay for.

Never buy American again. The dealer is out to make more money and take all of your time.

23rd May 2007, 19:28

As an automotive tech of 23 years, I can in good faith say some things I believe for sure.

Chrysler techs and service counter "people" have their hands tied. They are very limited as to what they can say that they know is wrong with your ride. Big business crap.

The Chrysler computer systems are very good. They have a computer for each mechanical device (engine, trans, body etc.) and they work.

Issues arise from a trickle down affect. 1 triggers this issue, 1 responds and so on.

In my opinion, do not go to chryco dealer. I have had many Caravans. Sold on 3 years ago with 373,000 on it = still runs like bear with very minamal repair. It now has 475,000 and he loves it. Sold 1 a year and a half ago with with 368,000 on it, it now has 414,000 and he will not sell it for anything.

It is all in the tech working on it. I find it amazing that people want to go to the factory to get the work done. Do you not think the factory is going to do what it can to cover its butt? Find a real good tech, let him know your car, and let him work on it. Ask around, find a real good shop and go with it. I have never worked at a dealership, I never will, I will go on welfare before I would. Short answer, at the dealership you understand one make only, as an independent tech I have to know them ALL.

24th May 2007, 15:20

Never Again!! 2001 Dodge 1500 pickup. I bought this truck new having been a Dodge customer for over 25 years, what a headache this truck has been. One week after purchase yoke in steering column sticks in place tearing all wiring out for horn, turn-signals, airbag. Had to be towed to dealership to fix defective part. after 2 months module in transmission fries losing 1st gear, returned to dealer to replace defective part. At 52000 miles AC condenser fails, $800.00 to replace defective part. At 64000 miles AC condenser fails $500.00 to replace defective part, At 68000 miles total transmission failure,$2400.00 to replace defective part. On top of everything else dashboard is turning to powder, cracking and caving in. Needless to say I will never buy another Chrysler product again.

29th May 2007, 11:39

Dodge junk

I own a 2002 dodge grand caravan and it eats brakes like you won't believe. I had to replace the passenger switch for the window to go up and down, and the whole a/c unit. If you turn on heat or a/c it will start on fire. It cost over 1000 bucks to replace. I will never buy a Chrysler product again.

30th May 2007, 04:00

To the last poster, you and I have a lot in common as I am taking my wife's 2001 Grand Caravan in this Friday to have the third set of rotors put on. I will admit though that it may be partly due to the driving style of my wife that ruins these rotors on an annual basis. I say this because my Dakota pickup does not share this problem, which I drive almost exclusively. We bought the van used three years ago, and the rotors only last about a year. Right now when braking, you cannot believe the steering wheel shake. Thankfully, the last set of rotors had a one-year warranty, so all I will have to pay for is labor.

Can anyone tell me why rotors wear out so quickly on these vans?

15th Jun 2007, 12:07

Wow, what an eye opener. I've been driving a 1994 Grand caravan for the past 7 years and have nothing, but good to say about it. It's got almost 300,000 km on it, and the only thing not working is the a/c. There's a minor leak somewhere and not worth fixing. I agree with one of the previous commenter's that the most important thing you can do for your vehicle is find a good tech. I trust mine and he takes care of all our vehicles - 6 cars in the past 25 years. The car gets checked thoroughly each oil change and I don't allow problems to develop and cause a domino effect. I'll never buy a new car again, and simply don't like the imports.