3rd Jul 2007, 18:23

I sell Toyotas and love my Grand Caravans. I have a 1996 with 150k miles which I've taken to Florida 4 times (I live in NJ) and have had it up-to 90 mph loaded with my family and luggage on our way down to Orlando during the peak of summer, and never had an issue with the van. I also have a 2001 AWD Sport which I love, and marks 96k miles and has also been to Florida with no issues. For the money and styling of the vehicles, they can't be beat. Just make sure you know how to buy, before you buy.

18th Aug 2007, 21:55

I have a 2005 Caravan, and it has been pretty good overall. I too had a problem with it running rough (and check engine light), and the dealership found an engine miss, traced to a spark plug. So they replaced ONLY that ONE spark plug - give me a break! Out of warranty, the problem returned - I went to an independent technician, who found another plug bad. He replaced them ALL (as you should). Eats brakes - went through them at 8,000 and 17,000 miles - the dealer said it was the way my wife drives (BS!). I recommend installing the best pads and rotors to get any kind of life out of them - better quality parts got me 40,000 miles. I think that when push comes to shove, the Caravan is a good value (Keep the dealership service though, and go to an independent).

16th Sep 2007, 23:12

I have a 2001 Grand Caravan Sport with 65K and have not had any severe problems. I love my Van and will recommend to all my friends and family. I believe in regular maintenance and proper care in operating of vehicles, they will last a very long time (for instance not slamming on the brakes not gunning the engine all the time, etc., let the Motor warm up before taking off). My sister and Brother-in-law have had 3 Dodge Vans: a 1974, 1996 and a 2001 (1996 with about 120K is now my brothers), I purchased one of my sisters Dodge Van's and in turn sold it to a friend 120K (who ran it into the ground, could not afford to keep up with the regular maintenance). My Husband had a Dodge Ram 250 Van Conversion (sold at about 104K miles) & know he has a Dodge Coach House (with about 68K), both ran well.

20th Nov 2007, 17:59

I own a 2002 Dodge Dakota; the most unreliable vehicle I have ever owned. Front brake calipers have a fiberglass composite piston which sticks & causes the brake pads to drag & cook the brake rotors. Front suspension is very light duty; have had to replace the tie rod ends at 72,000 miles. Ball joints have also been replaced. 3.9 V6 engine can't get out of it's own way & gets poor fuel mileage (15 mpg average). Light duty, low quality, problem vehicle. Don't buy any Chrysler vehicle; pretty on the outside; sub-par junk on the inside.

30th Jan 2008, 09:27

01 Dodge Caravan.

Had a Dodge dealer tell me that a sticking break piston that ruined the rotor was "Normal" after 21,000 miles. I also had another dealer tell me that we needed $800.00 worth of tune-up with only 56,000 miles.

Both times I called the 800 number in owners manual and both times Dodge made these problems right at no cost to me. For the brakes they told me to find a brake shop I trusted and they reimbursed me.

No lie, once I found a decent Dodge service center, all has been good to go. Remember, the dealers don't work for Dodge. I went through a number of "Five Star" dealer service centers before I found an honest one. I have had the same problem with my other cars as well.

20th Mar 2009, 18:20

I've had six Dodge B200 3/4 T vans and now am on sixth Grand Caravan.

My experience is they just start falling apart at about 20K miles.

Example, B-200 20k, right front coil spring crack, headliner falls off, rear view mirror falls off, A/C unit fails.

B-200 40k, power steering box cracks from frame, transmission lunches up, ignition coil shorts. 65k, water pump fails, A/C fails, power steering pump fails.

For the Grand Caravan (s), 30k A/C fails, door wires for all door controls and speakers crack (both sides), waterpump fails, rear gate door pressurized unit fails, 50k tie rod ends fail, ball joints fail, C/V shaft fails (both sides).

Geez, can't these guys make a vehicle by now, that doesn't just fall apart around you.

The folks that get 200k with these, are blessed.