15th Jan 2007, 10:47

The 2005 Grand Caravan certainly must have been a bad year. I bought mine in Sept. 2004 and it has been nothing, but trouble. The first month a hose came loose and the van would not move. The windshield has been replaced three times and still leaks as well as the overhead assistance bar on the passenger side. The scrubbing noise when parking or turning started from the beginning, but they seem to have repaired that. The power driver seat mechanism has been replaced twice, still doesn't work at all times. Whenever you use the stow and go a spring pops out and hits you in the head. It has been repainted twice because the paint chipped off the first week. The air conditioner has been repaired twice and could still use some tweaking. To top all of this off the water pump is leaking now. This is our third Dodge Grand Caravan and by far the worst.

12th Mar 2007, 16:22

We bought our 2005 Grand Caravan SXT in April 2005. Since new we have had problems. The heat duct was broken and would not direct heat to the passenger side floor. The tilt wheel tilted on its own and refused to stay in position. We were told by the tech it was assembled wrong at the factory. The second summer, the air conditioner blew hot. We were taking it in for the air conditioning tube recall and were told that it was blowing hot because it was overcharged with freon. No one had ever touched it and it worked perfectly the first year so I find the overcharged condition hard to believe. The passenger side front disk brake pads wore out at 38,000 miles and wiped out the rotor on that side. There was no warning signs, squealing etc. The rest of the pads, front and rear were at about 70%. The passenger side rear hub assembly failed and had to be replaced. There are no seviceable bearings in this unit, it is sealed up. I now have an ABS/Traction control light on and neither system is functioning. The brakes work, but do not have anti-lock function and the tires spin on takeoff if the gas is pressed hard. The headlights flicker at night and the transmission has seemed like it was slipping from the first week. Step on the gas and the tach jumps then settles back a few hundred RPM less while taking off. Dealer said they could find nothing wrong with headlights or the transmission. Side automatic doors malfunction now and then and need to be opened manually. Again the dealer cannot find any problems with them.

21st Jun 2007, 13:20

I also own a 2005 Grand Caravan, and this is my sixth time in having the sway bar bushings replaced.

When I spoke with the service manager (again) about this problem, he stated he was unaware of the issue with any other vehicle owners of Grand Caravans, nor was he aware of any factory defects/bulletins or recall notices on the issue.

I won't even go into further detail about the other problems I experienced with this vehicle (i.e rough running/spark plug change at 25000 km; ball joint problems; trim issues).

This vehicle has been nothing but a waste of my time in attempting to resolve all of the problems; and unfortunately for the North American economy, my hard-earned dollars will be going off-shore when it comes time to purchase another vehicle. So long Chrysler!!

21st Jun 2007, 19:37

We have a 2005 Grand Caravan SXT with 54k miles on it.

When the van first broke down I brought it to a reputable mechanic who directed me to bring to to a Dodge dealership as something in the engine had broken, and a valve had dropped. Under warranty, he tells me.

Now at the dealer, they tell me that the problem is a dented oil pan that has resulted in little flow of oil. Not under warranty. I know this is bogus as WHY would a mechanic send me to go to the dealer with a problem he could have fixed and charged me for? Lousy service with a problematic van will ensure our next van is a Toyota or Honda. And mind you, I loved the ride and stow and go of this van. But its just not worth the problems.

3rd Jul 2007, 21:47

WOW. After reading all of the comments regarding the 2005 Grand Caravan SXT, I'm glad I just traded my 05 with 27K on it for a 2007 Hyundai Entourage (First ever foreign car purchase out of nine vehicles ever owned). Our families van was purchased brand new and was in the shop seven times in 22 months. The recall notice just received for the front air bag sensor would have been number eight. Minor problems for the most part, but the last three trips involved the air conditioner/coils. The dealership service was terrible and Corporate Dodge did not care. After not being able to repair the van in time for a family vacation Dodge said no to a rental vehicle because the van was still "operational". Whoever made that rule never drove several hours one way in hot weather with young children and no air (with a vehicle still under warranty). Given those factors and that it was our only family car, I consider getting rid of this van the best preventative maintenance I've ever done. As with so many other posts, never again will we purchase Dodge/Chrylser products and will recommend to others the same.

13th Jul 2007, 00:19

I have an 05 Grand Caravan SXT I purchased as a program vehicle with about twenty five thousand miles on it. As I pulled into the parking lot tonight, it had exactly sixty two thousand miles. I've replaced the tires, the brake pads, I'm sure it's just about ready for the rotors now, and the sway bar bushings. I've never really been satisfied with the rear climate control, but when the dash vents are set to use, it works fine. I understand from the place that replaced the sway bar bushings that's a problem with the 05 as well as the rotor and pad wear.

Personally, I love the vehicle! It has a wonderful ride, excellent gas mileage, great stereo system, and it's quiet. Sure, it has a few seat squeaks. The odd noise when turning the front wheels is due to the traction control. Once I learned that it wasn't so discomforting. I had to have it re aligned, and now the tire wear is even. I would purchase another. The problems with a vehicle of this nature are to be expected somewhat, as they age, the more complicated they are, the more there is to go wrong. I too find it odd that a price of thirty eight thousand was paid, I got mine a year old for twenty one thousand. The msrp is around twenty six for my particular model.

Perhaps I've been lucky with the lights, the stereo, the power seat, and the power side doors, but I've not had the previously mentioned problems. Comparing the features, other models of mini vans, the price, and how much I value in it, I think it's excellent.

22nd Aug 2007, 20:34

I had bought my 2006 Grand Caravan SXT Stow & GO 1 year ago. My wife and I love the van; it's very comfortable and accommodates the needs of our two young children.

We bought it used with under 30k miles. Although we have had some issues with it. By 28k miles I had to replace the rotors during its first brake job. With me being an auto technician, I certainly know some vehicles have non serviceable rotors; this not being one of those rare cases.

Ever since we bought the vehicle, we have been experiencing a bearing noise, and I just wonder if there might be some kind of TSB on them, because I see it an awful lot in the business that I am in.