2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8 from North America


VERY USEFUL - won't make it to 200k


Front suspension and brakes wore out because of the weight of the van.

Rust spots by rear wheel wells seems to be a design flaw.

General Comments:

Very useful - can fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood flat in the back of the van so it is great for hauling materials etc.

Stow/n/Go seats are not comfortable, but are really easy to work with.

Overall the car was a great thing for us, we used and abused it, but it just didn't last. 150,000 miles is really the ceiling for the car. Engine will keep going, but that's about it.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2017

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SE from North America


The perfect family vehicle


Nothing except normal maintenance on a ten year old vehicle. I read some of the reviews and comments on this site, and wonder if any of these people have ever owned a car before?

I am 46, and not being rich, I have owned many used cars in my days. As my father told me, when you buy a used vehicle, you are buying someone else's headaches. I mean why do you think they sold it? Boo hoo, you had to put new brakes on a used car, or repair the exhaust, get a tune up, change your oil? That's shocking (insert sarcasm).

The only times I had no maintenance on a vehicle was when I used to leasing new cars for a 2 year period and the dealership was responsible for upkeep. All I had to do was put gas and oil in them. Until I got married, I used to just lease a new vehicle every year.

All cars have planned obsolescence incorporated in their design.

The only vehicle ever made that was supposed to be built to last was the Delorean with its galvanized steel body so it didn't rust out. So quickly every other auto company ganged up on them (also he was not a smart business man, and when he couldn't get financing, he stupidly tried to finance it through drug money and was soon arrested in a sting and put out of business). But I digress... Besides, anyone I have to explain this to probably won't get it anyhow.

General Comments:

This is the perfect vehicle for my family and I. We have three girls: 10, 11, 12, plus my wife and I. It is super comfortable, gets good mileage, and the luggage rack holds our suitcases. The back holds a cooler and snacks for rides. And with the DVD screen in the back, the children get to watch their movies and it makes for a much more enjoyable trip than in my days. My father got really annoyed with the "he's touching me", "he's looking at me" and the are we there yets?

Every summer we have taken about a 7 hour trip to our beach house and it has been enjoyable. We do smaller trips, and as I am disabled now and have become the "house husband", I give their friends trips for games, cheer leading and other issues.

I fully intend to get another one soon, as we have saved up more money for a newer model.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2016

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan from North America


Excellent value and comfort, poor resale



General Comments:

This is my second Dodge Grand Caravan, and overall I have been very satisfied with the vehicle. It's comfortable, reliable and ideal if you have a family. The only complaint I have is that they have poor resale value.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2013

19th Jul 2013, 19:58

I have had many Caravans myself. They are very reliable and practical. They usually make it 300k or more with good maintenance and not towing trailers all the time. Poor resale value is great for me, as I always buy used, no complaints there!

In the used market, the Dodge Caravan is really the best buy, as they are very popular and there are always plenty for sale.

Chevy, Toyota, and Honda minivans hold the best resale value, which is why I never buy them; too expensive compared to a Caravan in the same mileage/age/condition, as well as less reliable and less cargo space.