2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Stow & Go 3.8L from North America


Next vehicle I buy will have as little electronics on it as possible!


Rear wheel speed sensors needed replacing.

Front bumper air bag sensors replaced.

Oil leak had to be fixed.

Air Conditioner had to be fixed.

Automatic side door track had to be replaced.

General Comments:

With only 25K miles, you would think it would hold up better than this. I am very disappointed...

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Review Date: 9th February, 2009

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.3 from North America


This is a great vehicle



General Comments:

I bought this vehicle new (demo). I have no trouble with it and enjoy driving it.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2008

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8 from North America


Nice driving vehicle, but concerned now


Stow-n-go 2nd row seats will not go in the canal.

I looked over the manual. I also played with the 2nd row seats about 3 times and for some reason they will not stow. It has only been a day or so, I will take it back to the dealer. Am I doing something wrong?

General Comments:

I got it looked at from a mechanic before I purchased it, and he said I will need brakes and the rotors will need to be cleaned, or get new ones.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2008

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L from North America


Comfortable people-hauler, hopefully not a money pit!


Brakes are all jacked up. Somehow the brakes have deteriorated to the point that I need almost $1K of work done. Just bought this used.

Minor interior rattles.

Rusting inside engine compartment?

General Comments:

Really comfortable people-hauler.

Third Grand Caravan I have owned, year 2000 model was nice, the jury's still out on this one.

Stow-n-Go is great, DVD option is nice.

Power side doors make me wonder how much longer they have before they go out.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2008

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 3.3L from North America


Good value


Air conditioning rear lines.

Fuel tank module.

General Comments:

Simply excellent for the amount of miles. This van performs very reasonably, and has a load of miles on it.

Lots of room inside, hauls a ton of stuff;

11 litres per 100 km fuel economy.

I hear that Honda and Toyota vans are better, but for 10 to 15 thousand more they better be.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2008

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SE + from North America


Do not buy this car!


17,000 -- passenger window "dropped". I came out of the house in the morning and the window was down. I could not close it. This is the 4th time this has happened to me with a Chrysler product!

27,000 -- Power steering failed in the middle of a cross-country trip. I learned then that the engine had to be replaced right before I bought it.

45,000 -- Numerous repairs to electrical and computer system. Lights were flickering on the dash and exterior as well.

50,000 -- Interior map lights worked loose during the course of normal driving. I have had no map lights for 32,000 miles. The bulbs are fine, they just don't fit in the socket properly.

82,000 -- Am about to purchase my 4th set of brake pads for the car???!!!

Sway bar bushings on the front suspension are shot and the car makes a pinging noise over any bump.

Steering has been making assorted noises, from grinding to a rubbery scrubbing noise for the last 10,000 miles. Needs attention.

I would have traded this car in last year if it had any value left. Had no idea cars could be so much trouble. Will NEVER own a Dodge again. They have lost a customer for life. Every car I've owned, from Ford to Nissan to Honda, has been better than this. This is one car I should not own. And I bought it because of good reliability reviews!

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Review Date: 25th February, 2008

26th Feb 2008, 11:36

Yo think you have issues here, go buy a windstar and blow a head gasket, or a venture and blow the intake manifolds and a trans. I hada 1990 Voyager 160K miles before the water pump pulley blew apart. Wife has a 98 Town & Country, no problems as of now 86K miles.

9th Jun 2009, 13:51

I have had problems from day one 2004. I have replaced the brakes at least 7 time, the calipers twice, rotors twice, master cylinder, both rear wheel cylinders, rack and pinion, some kind of boot, water pump, transmission hoses. That’s just off the top of my head, a lot more and my engine light is on again and water pouring out the bottom, and my brakes go clunk every time I hit them and I slide.

11th Sep 2009, 21:29

I have worked in the auto repair industry for 20 years, and ALL vehicles have their problems.

26th Feb 2010, 16:42

You bought a Caravan because of GOOD reliability reviews??? Really?

3rd Jun 2011, 11:13

Could you please point us to where you saw the good reliability reviews for the Caravans. All I have seen are bad ones.