14th Dec 2011, 19:00

Wow. I feel very fortunate when I read all the problems some people have. Luckily none of our Chrysler products (or Ford or GM) have ever had any problems before 100,000 miles. Our GM SUV just hit 100,000 miles, and has not even had the brake pads replaced yet. The rear pads look good for another 50,000 miles.

26th Apr 2012, 15:48

That's funny, because I can say the same thing about Hondas and Toyotas and Chevrolets. Fords and Dodges are all I will ever own. But as with any car, they all have their quirks and problems. We must remember that this stuff is made on a computer assembly line, so with that said, one out of every 1000 cars built will have a problem.

11th Nov 2013, 15:06

Definitely a problem if you had three transmissions in 5 months... are they new, or rebuilt? Something isn't right, hope you aren't paying for those.

I had a 1998 that had the tranny go out at 60K, the next one lasted another 60K, and the van caught fire at 240K...

My 2005 has 100K on it, 3.8 liter, had to replace the A/C compressor, nothing else. Very happy with it.

I'd want to know, from your mechanic, why you had three trannies in 5 months. They either were used, rebuilt, or you need another mechanic.

25th May 2014, 11:44

My 2013 Caravan kept saying the tire pressure was low. I checked them and they were up to the right amount. I drove it 65 MPH a week ago, last night at 55 MPH, and today the tire was as flat as a pancake with a "ring" around the tire around the side, not from rubbing on a curb either. I was devastated. Taking it to the dealer to see what they say.

1st Nov 2014, 20:09

I have 2005 Grand Caravan. Flashing alarm light stays on. Radio not working now and inside lights not coming on!

Any suggestions? Thank you.

3rd Nov 2014, 20:18

Myself and many people I know have owned Dodge Caravans for small business use or family use. They are the greatest vans ever in my opinion. I think a lot of people do not maintain them well, as it's a minivan, and overload them with stuff, tow trailers, etc... which is when problems occur. They are great vans, excellent deals in the used market, awesome reliability and gas mileage. They also have the awesome stow and go feature, which no other manufacturer offers.

13th Aug 2015, 17:04

How many transmissions have you replaced?


4th Sep 2019, 06:12

We have the 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. The security light keeps blinking, the gauges went all crazy, and now they won't do anything. The car won't start; anybody else have this problem, and what do I do to fix it?

4th Sep 2019, 18:10

Tighten the battery terminals, then recharge the battery if it will hold one.

5th Sep 2019, 00:37

Try disconnecting the battery and reconnect it. Or do a reset.